Super Fun E-Mails.

Pornstar Cecelia Taylor working at the adult bookshopFrom Italy, Profpack writes:

Dear Billy,

I have been following your Fabulous Cash PornHub porn channel for a long time. I am a lover of hand jobs! Your girls are very beautiful, but I would like to ask you a question: you know that sex before reaching the penis passes through the brain? It would be nice if you built scenes where performers find themselves in places that ignite the imagination of us wankers; for example, a waiting room where she jerks off a client who happens to be there! In a cinema chair with her jerking both off, even when dressed as a virgin! Or a saw to the employer to stay hired! That is to create a story to move the brain and make us identify with it. Or create a situation where there is danger of being caught! The wife’s sister jerking off her brother-in-law on the couch while the wife is in the kitchen! You know what I’m talking about?! Last but not least, I would like the girls to slap the cocks on the tongue and face a lot more. The tongue out is a very strong sexual appeal. I am sure that you will take these requests seriously, and thank you for that! I will always be an even more passionate customer of yours, and I am sure that many others like me are waiting for these scenes. 

Cecelia Taylor on her knees surrounded by creeps in an adult bookstoreTo which I replied:

Hey Profpack!

It’s only been about two years since I answered an e-mail here, and about a decade before that. That’s right! Two super fun e-mails in 11 years. Now that’s what I call an active blogger!

Does anyone even care about blogs anymore? Are they a thing? Should I just have my own YouTube Channel? A podcast? Isn’t that what all the hipsters do these days?

A blog. I’m such a dork. And a completely inconsistent one at that. Will I actually blog again tomorrow? Next week? Some time before 2021 ends? Only time will tell.

And to answer your question, I don’t really go out on locations anymore. They’re too expensive. When I was working with that Dogfart money, no problem? Now? Every once in a blue moon.

Although recently I shoot a scene where barely-legal Cecelia Taylor was working at an adult bookstore, got fed up and bored, so what’s a fed-up-and-bored 18-year-old girl do while working at a smut shot but beat off the creeps? Hope this works for ya!

Your pal — Billy “I’m Back in the Saddle Again for Who Knows How Long” Watson.

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