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A Few Things I Love, Lately…

Stephanie Cane and Flash Brown
Check out Flash Brown standing next to wee lil’ Stephanie Cane. I dunno why, but I love that pic — even more than the pics I’ve been shooting lately of nekkid girls wearing my panda mask.

Maybe not…

The Flaming Lips (and Stardeath and White Dwarfs with Henry Rollins and Peaches) performing The Dark Side of the Moon: When I was in middle school, I used to turn on my black lights and lay in bed and stare at my black light posters and listen to The Dark Side of The Moon and wonder how 4 dudes could make such a thing. In high school, I used to invite girls over and bring them into my room and turn on the black light and play Dark Side and make out, and I’d wonder how 4 dudes could make such a thing…along with wondering how soft and great a girl felt. Until my junior year, when I first heard The Clash, upon which I immediately dismissed Pink Floyd and lost the black light and the black light posters and I’d sit in my room and listen to London Calling and wonder how 4 dudes could make such a thing. I haven’t really paid attention to The Dark Side of the Moon until I saw Flaming Lips doing it, and they hired Peaches and Henry Rollins to join along — and now that’s all I’ve been listening to.

Twitter: Yea, I jumped on the bandwagon late, but as for delivering information directly to me concerning all the stuff I love — live music and book signings and shit like that — nothing beats it. Maybe I’ll even start following people (as opposed to places) soon.

Skylight Books: The book — and reading in general — is on life support and not far from death. Last weekend, at The Santa Monica Book Fair, as I was pouring over vintage smut and rare beatnik books, one of the sellers told me his sales resembled “post-apocalyptic levels”. Which is to say he wasn’t selling a thing. And I have no problem with e-readers, cause it’s facilitating reading. I know, too, that it’s tough for a book about, say, killing zombies, to compete with actually killing them on your TV with joystick in hand. But I weep for the book, and I do every time I leave my very favorite neighborhood indie store, even after spending too much money there. Cause I’m one of the few left. Who knows though…maybe, in 20 years, people will start buying books again…just like they’re buying records now.

Naked Girls in Panda Masks: My porno pal Steve Steele, AKA Johnny Ampleseed, AKA Android, AKA Dr. John Harvard, AKA Dr. Mesmer, recently moved far, far away. Relocating from the US to an Eastern European country is no easy feat, and he gave away a lot more than he brought to his new home. On the top of his Give-Away Pile was a panda mask, which I immediately grabbed. Then started shooting naked girls performing mundane tasks wearing the panda mask, just cause I think it looks kinda cool. For some reason, I can’t stop now.

American Dreams: The United States Since 1945: HW Brands book doesn’t bore me, which most history books tend to do, mainly cause he hits each topic which a couple sharp jabs and then moves on to The Next. No getting bogged down with hairy details, which has always been my problem when someone’s lecturing me about our past.

The Mat: What’s gayer? That I love my new yoga mat — or I bought it at a store called LuLu Lemon? That’s right, I shop at Lulu Lemon. No Way Am I Gay! My new mat doesn’t get slippery when I’m sweating all over it, making Down Dog so much easier. And the packaging my new mat came in might be the gayest, most-Hippy packaging I’ve ever seen: “Friends are more important than money” and “Jealousy works the opposite way you want it” and “Stress is related to 99% of all illness” are just some of the friendly reminders printed all over the box.

“Water flushes unwanted toxins from your body and keeps your brain sharp.”

“Listen, listen, listen! And then ask strategic questions!”

“The world is changing at such a rapid rate that waiting to implement changes will leave you two steps behind.”

Ever think you’d be getting such awesome advice from a porno blog?

The Girl in a Panda Mask