Adrianna’s Shart Video

Kelli Kallen

It started with a simple idea, focused on a marketing plan: make silly videos and upload them to You Tube, and then sit back and watch the sales come tumbling in.

We had Hannah West talk about her reluctance in performing interracial sex for the world to see; we had Ruby Knox talk about giving a hand job in the car on her road trip to LA; there was Harley Valley talking about something I don’t recall.

And then there was Adrianna Nicole’s shart experience.

Shart: the often surprising, often explosive combination of passing gas with fecal matter, resulting in embarrassment, laughter, and messy underpants.

It’s a simple equation: Shit + Fart = Shart.

Giggle now, Sharty Pants, and then just admit it’s happened to you at least once in your life. It’s happened to me a few times. I remember a Mighty Shart when I was in the 7th grade. Touch football. Ian and his twin brothers versus me and Kenny and someone else I can’t remember now. I do recall being on the verge of the flu, and I had to fart, so I let it rip and suddenly my undies were somewhat filled with diarrhea. It stunk, too. Bad. I was forced to run home, legs spread as a trotted as fast as I could. There was another time in college, at a party. I can’t even talk about that shart; the memories it conjures up are disturbing at best.

Once or twice I’ve had a very light shart, which resulted in nothing more than a skid mark in my underpants and some chuckles filling the room. That’s when I was living with a woman who loved to do laundry (serious), and she’ll tell you all about my Shart-Stained Undies.

Doron Pepperscone, my trusty side kick and Maker of Everything YouTube, got into Adrianna Nicole’s dressing room right before her second appearance at, and asked for a story. A simple story.

A Shart Story.

And Adrianna gave him one.

With story committed to tape, Pepperscone got to work in the editing bay, and whipped up a nifty You Tube video. Maybe you got to see it; maybe you didn’t. I’d love to show it to you now, but You Tube has suspended our account indefinitely.

Yep. All our videos were yanked. Which is kinda weird, cause none of them contained nudity, although there was plenty of vulgar language tossed around. But that doesn’t matter, cause buried deep in YouTube’s FAQ’s is one that states no promotion of pornographic websites.

I loved Adrianna’s Shart Video. Doron Pepperscone loved it. All 62,000 (give or take) viewers loved it too.

Except Adrianna.

Adrianna hated her Shart Video cause Pepperscone started it with a great picture of Adrianna’s supple, beautiful ass, and a farting sound with the words “CLEAN UP ON AISLE 4” in brown fonts. I found the whole thing wholly appropriate with an unsurpassed entertainment value. A real bargain, since it didn’t cost anything to look at, which, I’m sure, is the reason why You Tube is so popular.

I have no idea how to end this — complain about You Tube’s super gay rules and regulations, or make fun of Adrianna’s cry babying, or maybe a picture of the end result of a shart?

After an exhaustive Google image search for skidmarked undies, this is the best I could do:

Poop Cartoons

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