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Spring Thomas

Mister Anonymous writes:

Ok, so the Spring Thomashumiliation / admiration‘ thing is kind of silly, but what ever, porn tends to bring these things out. But another site? Katie Thomas? I had no idea there was such a market.

I don’t believe for a second that they’re sisters, but I’m just weirded out by the whole thing. It seems odd to TWO sites where some White chick brags about only sleeping with Black men and presenting herself as a bigot while getting plowed…?

Who comes up with this stuff and – my biggest question as a Black man myself, are most of the people who you meet who are fans White (the Cuckhold thing???) or Black (the what tha fuck?!) thing…?


Mister Anonymous:

Why does this have to be a “black thing” and a “white thing”? Well, I should say a black thang and a white thing?

This is a rhetorical question, of course, and even after spending years with both Thomas sisters, as well as shooting for the world’s greatest interracial website — Blacks on Blondes — I really can’t answer you.

Yes, the Thomas sisters are sisters, and yes, porn, in general, tends to bring the silliness out of people…or does it?

Mark Twain once said “It’s no wonder that truth is stranger than fiction. Fiction has to make sense.” He also said, “Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities. Truth isn’t.”

I have no idea how this relates to what I’m trying to say, but I have a pretty good idea Twain would have been a huge fan of porn, and interracial porn, if he coulda gotten his grubby, tobacco-stained hands on some of it while he was alive.

I dunno, maybe the Twain quotes do makes sense in some sort of odd way.

Why can’t two bigoted sisters brag about fucking black dudes?

I also don’t know if there’s more white fans or black fans who visit Blacks on Blondes and Spring Thomas’s and Katie Thomas’s sites. Does it really matter? I would assume white guys love IR sex cause, in general, they’re either rascists and find white girls having sex with black guys humiliating for the white girls (which turns them on) , or they’re into seeing white girls getting pounded by huge black meat (which turns them on); I would think black guys love to see their brothers pounding white, pink pussy, cause it’s something they’ve always wanted to do — or are actually doing — cause it turns them on.

It isn’t really about being a white thing, or a black thang, or anything more than a thing that turns a lot of people on, and trust me…there’s a huge market for things that turn people on, whether it’s porn, or that cigarette you’re about to inhale, or all that drinking you did last night, or the bet you won (or lost) the other day.

Hope this helps.

Your pal, Billy

Katie Thomas

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