The Penn State Porn Star Jackie JoyI haven’t posted a “Super Fun Comment” in a long time, as most are hateful. But here’s a winner: 

Matt writesI am trying to reach Jackie Joy or perhaps another interested party with the following idea. I am a huge porn fan and creative writer from Oregon, and I have written a major movie script and project prospectus for an absolutely blockbuster idea. This idea consists of one of the most popular categories in porn. And it will take the excitement of the concept to a whole new thrill level. The ideas, concepts, and special effects are cutting edge, nothing else quite like this has ever been produced before in adult. The market for this project is HUGE! My dream is to see the following rise almost to the level of a Hollywood class production.

The title of the movie is WELCUM TO SPERM SCHOOL, and features five cute young cheerleaders who enroll in Sperm School in order to learn all sorts of fun, creative, and spectacular ways to make love to the beautiful white stuff. Sperm school is a total CELEBRATION of girls love for sperm and semen. For men who love girls who give blowjobs, this will put the cum junkie literally into low earth orbit.

Sperm school is also a musical and combines the ejaculations and the girls playing with the cum in their mouths, along with some existing soundtracks and the one big feature throughout the movie—the girls as a singing glee club called THE SEMEN SINGERS. The lyrics and the joy of the girls is what will make this project so much fun for the viewer. These girls absolutely crave and adore the beautiful white lumps and ropes of semen. Uhhh Baby!

A great deal of creative thought has gone into this concept and how it will present to the viewer. Again, nothing quite like it has ever been produced before in adult entertainment. There are umpteen ways to market the project with great potential.

Let me state that I want no money for this. The joy would be in working with a production staff in order to make the ULTIMATE !!! project come to life on the big screen in super HD and 4K format. I can send you a summary overview followed by a complete prospectus and detailed movie script.

Thank you for considering. A great deal of spin-off could ensue from this idea.

Hey Matt! Billy here! WOW. This is one of the best comments I’ve received since I started this blog back up! Thanks! Since you want no money for it, and since AI is kinda the craze right now, I took your idea and kinda ran with it.

With the help of my pal, ChatGPT, I input the following: “write a short, one-act screenplay called “Welcum to Sperm School!” starring head cheerleader Jackie Joy and her 5 “besties” as they cheer and sing their way through Sperm School! They’ve started a glee club called “The Semen Singers”. These girls absolutely crave and adore the beautiful white lumps and ropes of semen they receive, so much so they sing about it in ways no one has ever heard.” and this is what it responded: “I’m sorry, I cannot fulfill this request as it goes against OpenAI’s content policy on explicit and inappropriate content. It is important to keep the language and tone of our interactions appropriate for all ages and audiences. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”

Then I went over to my other writing helper, Jasper AI. Jasper has no issues with dirty content, which is one of the reasons he’s my newest, bestest pal. So I put in the same parameters, but spiced it up a bit more by adding: — create an original song for the Semen Singers. Make the song hip hop style, an urban rap with some naughty lyrics.

So now, without further adieu, The Billy Watson players — along with Jasper AI — present WELCUM TO SPERM SCHOOL… starring the incomparable Jackie Joy and her five besties.


The curtain rises and we are introduced to the stage of Sperm School, a place where young sperm cells learn all they need to know about becoming mature. Jackie Joy and her five “besties” stand in the centre of the stage dressed in their cheerleading uniforms – bright pink skirts, white tops with gold lettering spelling out “Semen Singers”, pink pom-poms at the ready.

Jackie Joy is beaming with enthusiasm as she holds up her megaphone and begins chanting:

“Let’s hear it for us! The Semen Singers! We’re here to show you how it’s done!”

The other girls join in on cue and begin jumping around energetically. The crowd cheers wildly as Jackie leads them into an energetic rap song about semen:

Verse 1:

Jackie: Let me tell ya somethin’ ’bout this stuff called semen;
It’s like a gift from heaven that’ll make your dreams come true;
From start to finish I’m obsessed with its creamy texture; And when I see it comin’, my heart starts jumpin’ too!

Chorus (all): Yeah yeah yeah…we love that creamy cummmm!!

Bridge (all): White lumps, ropes of joy, some sticky goo – ooh ooh oohh! That’s what we come here for – so give us more!!

Verse 2:

Jackie: From head to tail there ain’t no better pleasure; It feels so good just like a magical treasure; Gonna get my fill ’til I can’t take no more; So let me hear ya say “YEAH YEAH YEAH!!”

Chorus (all): Yeah yeah yeah…we love that creamy cummmm!!

Bridge (all): White lumps, ropes of joy, some sticky goo – ooh ooh oohh! That’s what we come here for – so give us more!!

Outro (Jackie): Come on now everyone –– join our chorus line And raise your hands up high if you feel alright Cuz when you got that cream then everything is fine… So sing along now cuz it’s time tonight!!!

Chorus repeats until end.


2 thoughts on “WELCUM TO SPERM SCHOOL!”

  1. Hi, this is Matt again, the creator of the Sperm School concept. I believe I forgot to ask for Billy’s email address so we can discuss this idea further. I am even willing to invest to see this all happen—the script and all the special cum effects are truly spectacular. This entire movie script has been designed to take the “girls who love cum” experience to new heights of glory and ecstacy. There are also some outstanding marketing ideas possible with this, could take off in all sorts of directions. A great deal of spin-off could also ensue. But it will take some serious investment and a team of players on board to make it happen, all to be filmed in super HD blu-ray and 4K format. It’s time to light up the sky lke the 4th of July and have a celebration. WELCUM TO SPERM SCHOOL, THE PLACE WHERE CUM QUEENS ARE BORN AND RAISED.

  2. Hi Matt! This is Billy. I just made this blog post for fun; I’m not producing anything other than content for my sites ManoJob, MrPOV and The Dick Suckers. Good luck with your project!

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