Get to Know Britt Blair: From Cheerleader to Adult Video Star!

Britt Blair leads her team in a cheer!Have you heard of Britt Blair? This petite, blonde bombshell hails from Idaho. Britt was a cheerleader growing up. After her TikTok account was removed, Britt decided to take things to the next level and join the adult video world!


Represented by East Coast Talent Agency, an “Adult Talent Agency for Pornstars, Influencers and Models”, this is one starlet who isn’t afraid to experiment with new sex acts on camera! Listen in on this 30 minute long interview to learn more about what Britt will and won’t do on camera!

In this exclusive interview made right before Britt stepped on set for the world-famous ManoJob, we get a glimpse into the life of a young woman whose ambition has no bounds. Britt explains how joining the adult entertainment world has been a thrilling ride! Britt says that as soon as she saw all the other women who were making money through OnlyFans and camming sites, she wanted in! Taking part of her name from one of her idols—Brittney Spears—she created an OnlyFans page and started posting videos of herself. Ms. Blair says that she loves being able to show off her naughty side while also earning some extra cash! Here’s a little something to really get to know Britt better: the Britt Blair Amazon Wishlist!

Britt Blair at

What Sex Acts Will She Perform?
When asked which sex acts Britt is willing to perform on camera, she reveals that little is off limits! She loves trying new things and pushing her own boundaries when it comes to sexual exploration. One of her favorite sex acts right now is anal play; however, she adds that this could change at any time depending on what kind of content her fans are requesting from her. As far as restrictions go, there’s little —as long as it’s something consensual between two (or more) adults!

Oh, and here’s a few amazing free Britt Blair ManoJob video teasers from her amazing scene! The ManoJob members are saying things like “WOW! i love this chic! please get her back for a double swallow!” and “FINALLY! the Editors cut scene from ‘Mean Girls’ I always was hoping to see! Maybe there’s also one with Lacey Chabert getting face fucked? simply adore Britt’s fluffy ginger bush atop her neon pink large labia. Great ‘slow-stroke’ technique Ms. Blair, great cum coax.. now, let’s see what each of your girl holes do for fun?”

Britt Blair lubes up her hands to give a Mano Job!

How Did She Get Into This Business?
Britt tells us that before entering into the adult industry, she was working as an exotic dancer at local clubs. It wasn’t until one of her TikTok followers suggested that she join the adult video world! She soon realized there was another way to make money while also having fun doing it! When asked about how it feels knowing people around the world can now watch and enjoy her content online, Britt says it’s both strange and exciting all at once. She enjoys feeling like a “star” but also knows how important it is to keep things professional so as not to lose sight of why she got into this business in the first place!

Britt Blair naughty naughty! From cheerleading in Idaho all the way to becoming an adult video star represented by East Coast Talent Agency—it’s been quite a journey for Britt Blair! In Billy Watson’s revealing interview below, you’ll learned about which sex acts Brit is willing (and unwilling) to perform on camera. You’ll also heard about how she got into this business in the first place.

Nowadays, you can find Britt at her website, Twitter @brittblairxxx or Instagram @brittblairxxx or visit OnlyFans @brittblairxxx where you can take part in intimate chats! Be sure not forget pick up your favorite treat from Starbucks too – Lemon Loaf – just like hers! Don’t miss out – check out all these links today! #BrittBlairXXX #ECTAgency #OnlyFans #TikTokStar #Pornstar #AdultEntertainmentWorld #LemonLoafFromStarbucks #IdahoCheerleader #EastCoastTalentAgency #AdultVideoWorld #SexActsOnCamera #ProfessionalContentCreator

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