Ruth Blackwell is Pregnant. Or, If They Hate It, Why Do They Buy It?

Ruth Blackwell -- Pregnant

When I first got into this crazy biz, I didn’t realize how many different genres of porn were out there, and how fanatical people are about the type of porn that pushes their Horny Buttons.

I was so naive.

Oh sure, I knew there was straight porn and gay porn.

And when it came to the straight stuff, I knew there was people who got off on anal scenes, and people who got off on watching a girl getting a facial, and I knew there were total pervs who like to spank a bare bottom girl, and I knew there were amateurs who made dirty movies, and professionals who made dirty movies…and that’s about it.

No way am I gay, so that’s pretty much all I knew about gay porn. Which is to say, I knew it existed, and that’s about it.

How things have changed: blow bangs and gang bangs and girls who blow smoke in your pathetic, small-dicked face; gaping assholes and eating assholes and handjobs and footjobs and throatjobs; pooping and peeing and donkey punches; barely-legals and MILFs and Cougars and cuckolds.

And how about those silly queers? Bears and bear cubs and twinks; leather daddies and piss daddies and barebacking; cruisy toilets and men in uniforms and meat jocks; DILFs and fisting and blacks on boys.

I can go on and on, which makes me a total perv, simply cause I know this shit well enough to cite it without having rely on Google…whether or not I look at any of it.

Which I don’t. Unless I’m shooting it.

So I might as well talk about pregnant interracial sex, cause I shot it, and cause the guys who are really into interracial sex really get into girls who get knocked up by black dudes, and cause this is a porno blog, and can you think of a better topic than this?

Ruth Blackwell is pregnant.

She’s still working; she’s still evil; she’s still mean; she’s still the Black Cock Queen.

Did I mention she’s pregnant?

It’s this sort of thing that’s gonna make her site blow up, and I suppose that’s a good thing. It’s real, too, so no need to e-mail and ask me that silly question.

She’s OK doing it, cause it turns her on, and I’m sure her fans are gonna love it, too. And Ruth will find herself more fans now that ever…and, I’m sure, a few haters, too.

Remember the line in Howard Stern’s biopic, Private Parts?

“But if they hate him, why do they listen?”

It never ceases to amaze me that almost all the hate mail from all the sites I shoot originate from the members’ area feedback form.

But if they hate it, why do they buy it?

Ruth Blackwell is pregnant, and we’re shooting her one-on-one with black dudes, and we’re shooting her as she brings in white girls to get cream-pied by black dudes in hopes for another pregnancy.

Cream-pie: another fetish in which the dude cums in the girl’s pussy, instead of pulling out and shooting it all over her face, tits, ass…whatever.

Oh, cream-pies are a gay fetish, too, except the load’s going into a man’s butthole; in fact, I was on a gay set once, and they were shooting dudes filling up each other’s rear-ends, and I overheard Bottom Boi moan, “Breed my hole” as Leather Daddy Top filled him to the brim.

We all know this sort of behavior in today’s day and age borders on deplorable, but if you ask any gay producer what sells like hotcakes, well…do I really have to answer?

Oh…hey! Did I mention Ruth’s pregnant?

Ruth Blackwell -- Pregnant

2 thoughts on “Ruth Blackwell is Pregnant. Or, If They Hate It, Why Do They Buy It?”

  1. Ruthe is so fuckn hot. I love to hear her talk dirty when she is getting all those inches of black meat sliding inside her.

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