Wanted: Sissy Boy Cuckold

Sissy Boy Cuckolds wanted for some of the largest internet websites, including Blacks on Blondes, Spring Thomas, and some ones that I can’t name right now. Same day pay of $15.00. You must have a small penis (5 inches or less) and allow yourself to be humiliated for duration of project (approximately 2 hours). Huge bonus points for good attitudes throughout. Humiliations may or may not include: intense verbal abuse from both female and male talent; some physical discomfort which may or may not include some or all of the following: ice on balls, intensely cold showers, physical penis and/or testicle abuse; orally pleasing the female talent after one (or more) black men have ejaculated in her vagina. You may wear a mask or reveal your identity…I really don’t care either way. Married couples a big plus! AIM test less than 30 days required. No guarantees you will be allowed to ejaculate, unless the female talent feels you’ve earned that right. If she does, it certainly won’t be anywhere except on yourself, in which you may be required to eat it. Creeps and mental cases need NOT apply. Background checks may be required. Must be in the Southern California area – or able to get yourself there. Serious replies only. Don’t waste my fucking time with bullshit beat off e-mails telling me your inner-most sexual perversions; those will be immediately deleted and not read (unless they’re really good…then they’ll be published here).

Finally, please DO NOT CONTACT ME ABOUT BEING a cuckold! I make this request in August of 2022; I wrote this post years ago.

So please, really, don’t hit me up. Job’s off the table. If you are serious, go join FetLife and make your account and good luck!

79 thoughts on “Wanted: Sissy Boy Cuckold”

  1. hye Billy, my name’s Khai. I am male 31 years old from Malaysia. can I be pornstar? have you go arrond the world looking for female and male for porn movie?

  2. I’m really interested in being a cuckold video slave. Please email me and I’ll forward along information.

  3. Hi I’m 26 I would very much be intrested in starting in cuckold movies. I would really like to see cuckold movies where the girl after a large gangbang is covered all over and the cuckold is made to lick every single drop.

  4. Hello,

    I would love to be your next full time cuck. Please email me with details of what arrangements I need to make. I am talented in many other areas but I am a pathetic cuckold at heart, ready to be humiliated.

  5. i was born to serve and am willing to do anything that is requested of me for the privilege of serving. I am in the LA area. Feel free to contact me.

  6. i was born to serve and will do ANYTHING for the honor. i am especially into interracial. Please feel free to contact me. I am in the Los Angeles area.

  7. 43yo male,on the oregon coast would very much like to cuckold.interested in interacial gangbang cleeanup.and open to pleasing bull also.

  8. Hello there, My name is Joey. I am 23 african american, I am a willing cuckold and would love to be in a video.

  9. I want to do a porn video as a sissy slut im 25 years old and look so beautiful as a girl plz contact me

  10. I’m a little-dicked whiteboy interested in being in one of your videos. I am into interracial cuckoldry big time. also I have a 3 inch penis.

  11. i am Arabian cuckold willing to do anything to be in such part as a cuckold it’s hard for me in my country to be cuckold, it’s behind doors so please give a chance for Arabian cuckold to take part in this it would be something special and new idea to all who watch cuckold porn and i have 5 inch penis

  12. i am am experienced cuckold formerly married to a gal who ran an agency in the bay area – have been in a few videos years ago – height/weight proportionate and capable of taking extreme cuck humiliation

  13. I am hopeful you still need sub for cuck video. I’m very obediant and very wage to serve and be useful as you decide.

  14. I am married to a hot tranny of 19yrs. who’s hot and loves to she deserves a nice set of tits to complete project..totally passable. she’s s total slur., she s cheated for years., I encourage cheating not to mention its delicious

  15. What a dream job! I’m open to everything listed, i have no limitations if you wanted worse defilement or abuse as cuckold. Take my dignity, film it, i want to be your tool to make something beautiful so many people will pay for and see. In fact i feel i should pay you to use me!

  16. If your still shooting cuck videos and need small penis cuckold actors I am very hopeful and eager to earn consideration. How may I do so?

  17. I’m a 20 year old with a tiny cock and would love to do this. Let me know if you’re still looking.

  18. I’m a 5’7 125lb caucasion I have brown hair and blue eyes…I’m very interested in being a cuckold

  19. Im interested in full time cuckolding send me details (e-mail edited out) Willing to do anything including sucking males cock.

  20. I’m up for anything !! Nothing I won’t do for anyone and I want it on the web so everyone knows I’m a cuckold sissy

  21. hey, i would be really intrested on job. im from finland though, so its a long way me to come there. would it possible to have more steady work, if i applied for a visa and moved there.

    Im 28 old white male in fairly good shape.

  22. Am a experienced cuck hold I’ve been with a few different girls all FLR relationships I love being humiliated by male or female I love being controlled an used I love licking feet both genders the sweaty the better also I love wearing collars!

  23. I w Male tats prince Albert plus more.. very hot very fit very versatile hot item dirty little cumslut gou wont regret making porn with me being dirty boy

  24. Hey daddy I’m a sissy boy from Kalmazoo Mi and I have sexy pictures you can do anything you want to me please femminize me!

  25. I want to be in cuckold porn. I’m a 43 y/o white male, very small dicklette(4”hard, just the head soft) I don’t do pee or scat but will do almost anything else. Cock cage, take cock and cum in mouth or really any hole you please. My fav is being under her while a huge cock is fucking then he pulls out just in time to shoot it on my face or mouth.

  26. I want to be a cuckold I’ll suck blacks whites ,tranny, shemales and I eat pussy same as above I’ll do any kind of sex video I’m 66 and still get it up and cum multiple times I masturbate4-4 or more times a day.

  27. May name is Navid, hav cuck fantasises want to be a professional sissy. bt prblm is i am dar away in asia, I am from Bangladesh… hav passport tough

  28. Wondering if you’re still looking for cuckold sissies? I am looking for serious work and willing to do anything required.

  29. I’m really interested. I’m down for allot of things and willing to work, hmu. I’m free almost ask the time.

  30. Hi there. I’m a 26 year old white boy, tiny dick(about 2 inches soft). Have only watched interracial and cuckold porn since I was 14. Am into any kind of humiliation and degradation from both male and female. Have no limits on what you want me to do. Very eager to be a cuckold porn actor. Please contact me

  31. Hey aussie lad in new looking to change my career. Will do anything and everything no hold bar.

  32. Hi,
    I’m genuinely interested in appearing in one of your cuckold movies. I honestly think I have the right qualifications for the position as I’m the complete opposite of the bulls that star in your movies.
    My cock is naturally small and thin, I have used Emla cream (used to numb the skin) on it before and when I use the cream I’m around one inch, it looks like a thimble. I assume cold ice etc will shrink it even more.
    I’m naturally subservient and because of my size would be good for humiliation.
    One really good reason to consider me for a shoot would be my premature ejaculation. If a woman touches me I can cum before I’m even hard in as little as 5 seconds which might also be good for further humiliation. Naturally I’d be happy to eat the deposits made in or on the women. I hope you will consider me.

  33. My name is Justin shields. My email is -. I’m looking to be the creampie eating forced bi cuckolds. Im good looking and will send u pictures to prove it when u email. My favorite cuckold porns I see I know im better looking than 95% n willing 2 do as much or more. I take all kinds of humiliation n will do forced bi scenes oral and anal to me. Plus I can take hard domination like cbt but especially hard ball busting. And ill work cheaper than other cuckold actors will

  34. Hello – I too would really like to be the humiliated sissy in a femdom movie. I have a little bit of experience – there is this adult bookstore nearby rhat boasts live girls on premises 24 7. I went a few times and after explaining my need to be humiliated, the lady took me in her booth, after taking my credit card of course, and she and a friend proceeded to dominate me with their feet and spit. I am on the east coast near to NYC – do you know of any femdom filming there? I really appreciate any advice. I am 55, in goog shape, 5‘-7“, 160 lbs and under 5 inches.

  35. Hi!am 19 and interested in cuckold slave movies. I will work for free. I look good.I will post my pictures if u want.am ready to do anything that you say.ready to eat cum,drink piss,lick ass etc… Can do much and more for free

  36. hello my cock is bigger then 5 inches but I wouldn’t mind being locked up and serve for al ur needs

  37. I am willing to do anything and allow you to do anything to me for this opportunity. I have some experience with this and my fiancé already.

  38. I know this is to good to be true but figured I’d thro my name In the hat. Married with kids and a fine ass wife.

  39. I’m a 59yo very attractive male I have diabetes and have no problem wcyour requirement. My liver half can’t get hard anymore

  40. I am 45 and I’m a strap-on virgin. I would love to be introduced and fucked into submission by first multiple Dominant superior women with strap-on s. Followed by multiple hard throbbing cocks. Just a thought

  41. Hello, Italian American, 39 years old, 5’5” tall, 175 pounds. Muscular build, brown eyes, brown hair. Under 5 ” penis. Enjoy SPH, Cuckold. Live in the San Diego area. Not married. Bi-sexual. I am very interested in doing cuckold videos. As well as any videos. I have a great attitude and will do just about anything.

  42. Sam here!
    Profession: phycian
    Living in sweden
    1,68 m, 70 kg, penis 12 cm
    I would like to work as cuckold pornstar
    Looking forward for reply

  43. In N.M
    But like being submissive, especially when Dressed up slutty…. Can and will perform kinky, erotic extreme hardcore… Very open minded and have like this type of life style since age 12..
    Wanting to explore more..

  44. I am highly interested in testing out this opportunity if you still have an available position

  45. Hi, I’m 19, have tiny dick (of course it’s under 5 inches) I’m white boy with small dick and would love to work for u as a cuckold, idk if this is still relevant but i hope so, cause I know I’m able to be the greates cuckold pornstar ever! See u soon…

  46. I am interested in being a cuckold cleanup. I’m attractive, 60yo h/w proportional

  47. Loooooooong shot that this is even still a thing, but I would LOVE to be a cuckold in film. I have no problem with the humiliation aspect, I especially love doing the clean up! Small guy with a small dick here, needing to be someone’s play thing.

  48. Hello my name is mehdi and I would love to shoot for you guys as a cuckold I have a 4inch dick I’m 23 year old I think I can do the job well looking forward for a reply

  49. I would love to do this and I’ll do whatever I’m asked. I have one testicle and I can take all verbal abuse and humiliation. Please please consider me. I’ll fly there from Florida and I’ll start immediately.

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