Super Fun E-Mails: “My New Pal Marty”

Jessica Valentino

My new pal Marty writes:

Well after seeing the previews I caved in and got a Spunk Pass membership. So I now have a subscription to all but “No Way Am I Gay” and I think one other. All I can say is that you have exactly what I’m looking for in Porn. That is hot, dirty, chicks, real interviews and hot sex scenes. When you asked Jessica Valentino, Who’s face is covered in cum, “How do you feel about cumshots?” and she replies “they’re OK” I thought that’s exactly what I want to see in a porno flick. I also like the way you give them direction…”put the dick in your mouth” while she’s trying to answer a question you just asked her…too much!! Anyway keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing the rest of your sites.

Your Pal, Marty

PS: Seeing Jaylynn Sinz photo next to my email makes me hard. Keep it up. Would you post a picture of my pathetic little dick next to a picture of Riley Mason? Here it is next to my favorite soft core model!


Well Marty, the way you’re gushing on and on about my work may lead some people to think you’re not really a person at all…more like a not-so-clever marketing tool dreamt up by me.

So I’ll go ahead and post that pic of your wee wee next to Riley Mason.

Just to make you happy, of course.

And to prove you’re a real dude.

What’s up with the dogleg curve that’s on it now? Your wiener looks like you smooshed it up against the wall.

Your pal — Billy

Jessica Valentino

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