An Interview with Allie Addison

Allie Addison
Allie Addison loves her some vinyl.

Allie Addison. I’ve been smitten since I first laid eyes on her. I was having lunch with my pal Thomas, who owns and operates the iconic Amateur Allure,  when I first saw Allie. It’s a thing we smut peddlers do:  eat and talk about things like where we think the industry is heading and recall the good old days and, most importantly, hey bro…any hotties you’ve seen lately that I should be aware of?

That’s when he showed me the pic Allie’s agent had sent to him. Well…at least that’s how I remember it all going down.

At a follow-up lunch a few weeks after I shot the Allie Addison ManoJob scene (as well as the interview below), I thanked him again for the Allie hook-up. He looked at me like I was crazy. “Show me a picture,” he said. So I pulled out my phone and showed Thomas a few of the pictures Allie and I had made the day of the shoot.

Allie Addison on set
Porn starlet Allie Addison on location.

He looked down at my phone and back up at me and said, “Never seen her before in my life.”

This, my friends, is how my old-man brain works. Well, really…I’m not old. Really I’m not. But I can’t figure out how I discovered Allie…so yea, not recalling how I found someone as cute and bookable as Allie is some serious old-man shit I woulda never pulled off in my 30’s. Probably not in my 40’s, either. In fact, I still kinda think maybe it was Thomas’s old-man brain at work, but hey…I’ll take one for the team.

Allie Addison
Allie Addison looking at Polaroid pictures made on location.

So there’s a  Billy Watson interview over at Jim Beemiss’s blog, and I said a few nice things about Allie in my interview, cause I meant them. I think she’s on her way and can have a great career in adult, if it doesn’t eat her up alive. And we all know sex work is perfectly capable of doing such things — just like most anything we do in this life.

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