An interview with Riley Nixon

Don’t believe the hype: I did not interview Riley Nixon in August of 2019, as the beginning of the video states. It was earlier in the year (maybe even late 2018?), but hey…does it really matter when? I’m just happy any time I get to sit down with Riley Nixon to spend some time catching up with her. This interview was conducted right before she jumped on the ManoJob set with Mr. POV.¬†

Riley Nixon strikes a pose!
Riley Nixon on set making Polaroids

I guess¬† you can call Riley “controversial” because of a haircut. I guess…it’s a style she’s kept ever since I met her, and I’m pretty sure ever since she jumped into the porno game a few years ago. Any agent would advise Riley to her grow her hair out; in fact, I’m sure most would pass on representing her because of her hairstyle. But Riley’s fiercely independent and her own person.

Riley Nixon photography
A photograph of Riley Nixon as shot by Billy Watson.

And I love making the artie-farties with Riley. We’ve had a few days in my studio together, collaborating on ideas as photographer and model. I’m big on that, too: it’s great when photographers have a vision and that’s that…but I’ve always worked best bouncing ideas off the models I’m working with, listening to what they have to say — and then making pictures together.

Or pornography. Either/or.

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