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B. Smith writes:

Hey Billy,

I watched a video about John Holmes on YouTube. Does everyone always have to self destruct in the porn industry? I went to a Porn Expo in Denver. I remember seeing Ron Jeremy and thinking to myself how could all that good pussy leave you looking so haggard. I didn’t even talk to Ron. What you do seems to be the best position in the industry. I heard your voice on many videos and has a positive tone to it. I got the video with Former Male Porn Star Randy Spears pulled up on YouTube. He breaks down crying but I think of the alternative and that type of life is also tear inducing. You mentioned you being a school teacher a lot of people take the safe route and it’s agonizing. Everyone’s priorities shift. The industry is changing, use to be primarily the same male talent now I’m starting to see the “Skinny-Jean Generation” in interracial videos. I guess that dispels the myth that Skinny Jeans will ruin a man’s sexual performance. I think to myself — can that person transition after porn? Are they going to feel thankful or regretful later in life? For me, I lived like a porn star for about 4 years and don’t have many regrets.

Hey B!

The title to The New York Dolls’ second record, Too Much Too Soon, can sum up some of what happens to a lot of the Porno Princesses / Stunt Cocks who come to Porn Valley to become “famous” — especially the “barely legals”. Their self-destructions aren’t literal (although a few have ended their own lives), and often are more financial: in the real world, they’re qualified for minimum wage jobs, and suddenly have incomes that rival most professionals. And instead of saving their money and paying their taxes, they do neither. Too much attention. Too much money. Too soon. Combine that with an average career of 6 months to 3 years, and suddenly they’re 22, shot out, might have a substance problem (that often times developed after their arrival to Porn Valley) don’t have any money, and are about to get their first certified letter from the IRS.

It’s a bleak picture for sure, and for a small amount of porn stars, it’s bleaker in that they don’t make it out of Porn Valley with their lives; however, not “everyone” self-destructs in any sort of way. On the contrary, a lot of Porn Valley’s actors and actresses are wisening up and actually thriving, especially with the newest business model that’s arrived: the performer-as-producer, who now are enjoying various monetizing platforms such as Only Fans, private Snap Chats, and Many Vids.

A lot are also “creatives” (of which I count myself as one), and as creatives, they often lead lives that, for lack of a better word, aren’t “normal” and often consist of a myriad of vices. I don’t wanna overgeneralize here, but you get the picture.

I love being a director, but it’s got its challenges just like your job has — or any job for that matter. I’m generally happy and healthy and I love life in Porn Valley, and, for the most part, I feel like there’s more and more of us and less and less of them. Since jumping into this game almost 17 years ago, I’ve seen a lot of changes, and they’re almost all good changes: the Slimeballs are getting weeded out; the folks in front of the cameras seem to be getting their financial shit together more and more; and, finally, it seems the Bad Times that started in 2008 (ie tube sites) are winding down.

Kinda, anyway.

I don’t know much about skinny jeans, but I do know a lot of the Stunt Cocks have as difficult a life after their porno careers end as their female counterparts…but that’s another blog.

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