I’ve Retired. Well…sort of.

Since I’m often a lazy writer, I’ll just go ahead and cut & paste what I just tweeted:

“It’s with great excitement — and at the same time being absolutely scared shitless — that I’m announcing my retirement from The Dogfart Network in order to spend 100% of my time & energy on the 4 websites & affiliate program I began almost 14 years ago. Thank you so much Cable! I’d also like to thank all the terrific talent — both female & male — that made my (almost) 17-year-run with The Dogfart Network enjoyable, interesting, frustrating, and downright fucking weird! I wouldn’t trade my DF time for anything. Now on to @manojob & @mrpov & @LegitClips!”

I make that statement with the utmost of sincerity. Look, almost all jobs are difficult. To me, shooting an 18-man blow bang for Dogfart (the record, about to appear on InterracialBlowbang.com starring the incomparable India Summer) was as challenging as managing a 7th-grade classroom; in fact, there’s nothing better to qualify a person to become a director in Porn Valley than teaching middle school. The dynamics are all pretty much the same: too many hormones and strong personalities and a whole lotta drama.

Now, here’s a portrait of barely-legal Porno Princess Chanel Grey…one of the last I made on a Dogfart set. I’d write some more, but I’ve got work to do.

Barely Legal Chanel Grey
Chanel Grey

One thought on “I’ve Retired. Well…sort of.”

  1. Dogfart sucks without you, and i hate saying that as I’m a longtime fan and supporter, but seriously, there charm, sleaze, and fun are completely gone. It’s awful. Miss you behind the camera, Billy. Sincerely, every Dogfart fan.

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