Gianna Michaels Blew Me.

Gianna Michaels

I’m a few posts away from my 400th entry, and I’ve never really talked a whole lot about my experiences as a stunt cock. I mean really…if I did, I’d come off as a braggart, and no ones likes that; in addition, I don’t have a whole lot to brag about.

Shit man, I’m an overweight, middle-aged dude with a 6 inch dick…what’s to brag about?

Anyway, I’ve had some pretty big names either blow me or give me a handie as I rolled tape, but I just don’t like to talk about it. In fact, I’ve started a rolling some full-blown POV scenes in which I’ve actually banged a pornstar on tape: Bree Olson and Barbie Cummings were my first two, but I haven’t shot anymore since last fall.

I just don’t know if I’m up to banging a porn whore a week for the next…I dunno. 2 years?

If I do start this site, I’m gonna bring a “friend” along to bang each and every porn whore, cause I think the one thing terribly wrong with POV sites is there’s only one dick, and nothing gets more boring than watching the same dude banging chicks over and over.

Sound gay? No Way!

Anyways, I guess the whole point of today’s blog is to brag to you guys that Gianna came over to my studio, and while she was in the shower, she blew me, and I rolled tape, and you can download the Gianna / Billy Watson scene at The Dick Suckers.

In fact, if you click on her pics, you can get some freebies. So don’t say I never gave ya nothin’.

Fair warning: the scene is totally unimpressive. I ain’t no Peter North, that’s for sure. And I was kinda psyched out that I had Gianna blowing me, and my wiener looked even smaller (than it already is) wrapped around her massive, all-natural DD juggs, and let’s all laugh at my belly while you’re at it, but hey…it’s all good, cause I got the BJ from her — and you didn’t.

So hate this braggart all you like.

And as you carry on with your day, think about those 2 fun bags wrapped around your 6 incher.

Gianna Michaels

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