Emma Stoned, Interviewed.

From about 2009 – 2011, give or take, I had a fairly successful YouTube Channel. This isn’t saying much, really, cause anything porn-related gets views on YT. Maintaining an adult-themed YouTube channel is a challenge,
as their TOS is vague, and when they slap you on the wrist, they really don’t say, specifically, why…other than “review our Terms of Service”. And then, one day, after a few wrist slaps, my channel was deleted. So I’m going to to my best to start posting them here, where I should have for a long time.

Today’s subject is Emma Stoned, who entered Porn Valley – and left – fairly quickly. Check out her scene, as well as other great POV porn! Enjoy.

One thought on “Emma Stoned, Interviewed.”

  1. I absolutely fell in love with Emma the first I saw her. God she’s such an angel. I can’t express how beautiful she is, and she looks like she has an exciting personality too. My god, my god, what a pretty lady

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