Let’s Give This Thing Another Whorl, Perhaps.

1. a pattern of spirals or concentric circles.
“Shelley drew larger and larger dark whorls on her notepad”
synonyms: loop, coil, hoop, ring, curl, twirl, twist, spiral, helix, arabesque
“elegant whorls of wrought iron”

2. historical
a small wheel or pulley in a spinning wheel, spinning machine, or spindle.

verb literary
1. spiral or move in a twisted and convoluted fashion.
“the dances are kinetic kaleidoscopes where steps whorl into wildness”

2. To revive a pornographic blog that had been abandoned for years.
“Billy Watson, who hasn’t had a thing to say since about, oh…2011, is gonna try to start blogging on a regular basis again; however, knowing his history with starting up whatever it is he thinks he wants to revive — only to lost interest in it almost immediately — means it’s doubtful anything more than a few posts beyond this will see the light of day.”

7 thoughts on “Let’s Give This Thing Another Whorl, Perhaps.”

  1. Ive read your blog for years, ive found lots of joy reading your tales. Every month or two I return to the site hoping a new post would be here and im very delighted to see one. I hope you continue to write and share with us. Thank you!

  2. My sincere condolences to you on recent death of the actress that played Cherry Poppens. I believe you knew her well and were her friend. So sorry. Only 35. I was stunned by the news.

  3. Thanks to both you guys! I appreciate the nice things you said about my blog, Anon…and yes, Scott, Cherry and I maintained a relationship that started in 2002 and continued until her death. We had lunch a couple days before she moved home…where she passed.

  4. Hi Billy, I remember years ago you were ranting about how the porn industry was almost dead due to all the tube sites, etc. What’s the current state of the industry? Has it recovered at all since those dark days?

  5. Hey Billy,

    I’m so glad you started up your blog again. I love the interviews with the ladies as it shows that they have brains and aren’t (just) sex crazed sluts ;).

  6. Billy, would you be willing to do a more personal write up on Cherry Poppens. Just things like what she was like hanging out with. Nothing too personal, I really am still sad that she is no longer with us

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