Super Fun E-mails: “You’re Slacking!”

Barbie Cummings

E. writes:

God dammit Billy, a whole week without a blog?

I don’t know where it was published, but XPT is saying that Barbie is already divorced. WOW, that was fast. Kind of a shame, she seems like a sweet girl, with a fucked-up sex demon invading her brain. 🙂


Heya E!

Yea, Barbie’s divorced, and yea, she probably does have a “fucked-up sex demon invading her brain”, but come to think of it, I have the same sex demon invading my brain, just like you’re housing the same demon in your brain.

I know that cause you read my blog. And you know who Barbie Cummings is. And that she’s been married…and divorced.

As we all know, relationships are one of the hardest things we do, so…while I was surprised Barbie got divorced so fast, I was equally surprised she got married so fast, and either way, I knew it would be tough. Cause that’s the nature of the beast.

Meaning relationships.

Blogs aren’t easy, either. Writing a blog is way easier than a relationship, though, and there’s really no reason why I haven’t been writing.

I need to write everyday! Just like I need to do Yoga everyday. Or exercise everyday. Or eat right everyday. Or read everyday. Or balance my checkbook everyday.

I do manage to brush my teeth everyday…really, I do.

Your pal — Billy

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