There’s Something About Barbie, Part 4.

On June 29, Barbie was supposed to appear in front of a judge to plea out her traffic ticket; instead, she chose to simply pay the ticket and move on with her life.

The cop who made the bad choice and took the BJ from the now Mrs. Barbie Cummings has since lost his job; hence, all the people he wrote tickets to won their cases simply based on a dismissal of their charges. (If the cop who busted you doesn’t show to your court case, you’ll win this way, too).

Barbie’s now more of a hero than before. People ask her for autographs all the time.

She’s Tennessee’s first Porno Folk Hero, and for that, Mrs. Barbie Cummings, you have just won the very first award ever given by me, Billy Watson, and my blog, I Shoot Porn: The ISP Folk Hero award of 2007.

Barbie won a full hour of man service from me, Billy Watson. I’ll do whatever sexual service Mrs. Cummings would like — whether it’s orally pleasing her, or shoving my steaming 6 inch Mad Rod into her juicy love hole.

Congrats to Barbie Cummings…and Barbie, you know how to get a hold of me to claim your prize.

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