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Mia Bang

I’ve been lazy with my blog lately, and there’s a couple reasons why.

First and foremost, I’m burned out. I don’t even want to think about porn – let alone attempt to write anything about it. That’s why you’ve seen 2 interviews and a bunch of down days, with no entries at all. Can you imagine that? Getting burned out on taking pics and movies of nekkid chicks…people fuckin’ and suckin’.

I think in the last two months I’ve shot something like 40 scenes. Maybe more. I think I should look at my calendar and see what that number is. In addition to all the work, I’ve had some nutcases in the studio, too. I don’t even want to get into specifics, but shit man…this business is a circus. And it attracts some loonies – that’s for sure.

That’s what’s got me down most, I think.

I left LA last week and came home for a few days, and now I’m back again, to knock off the December contract work I have booked. I shot Mia Bang, today, if that means anything at all to you. I even knocked out a set of pretty girls with her, too…in addition to the b/g/g we shot. All in all a productive day.

Me and Mia go way back. I’ve shot her a bunch of times, and it’s always a good thing when she makes her way to my studio. We got her in the Gloryhole, too. Today she shot one of the sites I can’t really talk about.

So there’s Spring Thomas scenes this week, as well as two sites that haven’t launched yet. I can’t mention anything about them until they’re live. I think I’m gonna get a JOMG scene shot, too…and maybe even another new site I can’t talk about, too.

My pal Noah today asked me who I’m shooting: Savannah Stern, Mia Bang, Michelle Sweet, Chelci Fox, Sophia, Raquel Devine, as well as the usual girls – Spring Thomas and the two I can’t talk about right now.

All these girls and sites I can’t talk about. Silly, huh?

I’ll try and knock out a MILF scene for Blacks On Blondes, too – as well as jumping in the van and hitting the Gloryhole. Oh…did I mention the MILF might bring her whimpy, cuckold hubby to sit in and watch? Yea…it could get nutty. That’s the Raquel Devine job. Michelle Sweet is gonna get it from some well-hung brothas, as well…and both of them are stepping up to the hole.

Should be an interesting week. Let’s see what happens. In the meantime, there’s Mia Bang’s DD fun bags.


Mia Bang

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