Some things in my life I love, lately.

Karen Voight

The new Audioslave song Doesn’t Remind Me.
(And I have no idea why. I was never much of a Soundgarden fan, certainly not a Rage Against the Machine Fan…but damn, I love this song.)

Kung Fu Hustle.
(At the end, when our hero kicks ass, and the cat who got his ass kicked says “How did you do that?” and our hero says “Let me teach you…” well, that’s what it’s all about, my friends.)

Anything Andy Warhol ever did. Including his movies.
(Trust me, his movies are bad, too. Really awful.)

Some of my new websites.

My new dog. To go along with my other dog.
(They love beating the shit out of each other, which allows me to get my work done.)

(Cause nothing sounds as warm as analog.)

Might as well add my turntable. And tube amps.
(And I’ll say it again: nothing sounds as warm as analog.)

My new niece.
(She’s a princess, and no…no link. Sorry.)

The Honda Element.
(I don’t give a fuck how “boxy” you think they look.)

My blog.
(Damn Straight.)

Porn Star Blogs.
(Cause they’re almost as ridiculous as the girls themselves.)

The Canon GL2.
(Cause it still makes the best internet movies as far as I’m concerned.)

The Minion.
(Scroll under this entry, once you click the link. Oh, and Minion…time for some Chinese buffet, my brotha! Call Chico, too!!!)

Trying to do Yoga at home with a Karen Voight DVD.
(Right after she gets me into Downward Facing Dog I wish she’d take off all her clothes, so when I came back to table top, I could see her perfect MILF titties in all their splendid glory pointing right at me.)

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