Today’s Guest Blogger: PSpinPoker and His Advice on Approaching Your Favorite Porno Princess

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From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

A year (or so) ago, I started getting some positive attention from a cat calling himself PSpinPoker. In other words, he was the exact opposite of The Angry Porn Fan. He didn’t tell me I suck. He didn’t tell me I don’t know how to light a set. He didn’t call me a race traitor. He didn’t want to slit my throat. Instead, he had some kind words for me…as well as some girls he thought were worthy of The Dogfart Experience. They were good requests, too, so I paid attention every time he sent another girl my way to book. Then he approached me about being on a radio show, which I’ve done twice now. Since I’ve been such a lazy blogger of late, I’ve been posting guest blogs, and PSpin’s take on how to approach your favorite Porno Princess is as good as the shameless plug for his radio show to end today’s blog.

PSpinPoker writes:

It all started by chance. I was a fan of Mae Meyers and she happened to be on a radio show while I was stalking the beautiful insane asylum known as Twitter. I listened in, became a regular follower of the show and within a few months, I was booking girls for What’s Brewin After Dark and co-hosting as well.

That’s the sort-of-short-but-not-really version of how I got started interviewing your favorite adult entertainment stars on the What’s Brewin After Dark.

For someone who’s been a fan of the adult entertainment industry as I have, it was a pretty cool thing to land into. I’ve got a chance to meet and interview most of my all-time favorite stars and get the chance to do the same with many of the upcoming starlets I currently adore. I find all of them interesting and am still amazed at the people who come into and out of this industry. Like any other job, I find that most people have a story, a pretty good one sometimes, and we get to hear them weekly. It’s been a pretty rewarding and fun experience over the last year.

Every guy I talk to about it thinks it’s the greatest thing in the world, as if I’m some director who’s making dirty movies and spending all my time around half naked hot women they can only dream of getting. They still don’t get the call-in part of the show. Or the fact that these girls would probably never sleep with me, even if it was my request as a last meal before dying.

At the end of the day, they don’t get that these girls are, mostly (hey, there’s even crazy astronauts out there), regular people who happen to take their clothes off on camera who have no problem doing what you or I won’t. Not that anyone would want to see those of us not in the “business” do that kind of stuff anyway, but, you get the point.

Most interviews, ours at least, are fun, unscripted and more like a conversation. The girls enjoy that. Can you imagine how boring it would be for someone like Jessica Drake to answer “How did you get into the business?” for the 129704887 time? No one wants to hear that, at least, I don’t and we try to show everyone that these girls are people with a sense of humor. They’re not someone you have to be afraid to go up and talk to, like every other hot girl you’ve met a bar before. Does it help that I have an icebreaker like “Would you like to be a guest on the show?” Probably. But as long as you’re not screaming “I WANT TO MARRY YOU!” at the top of your lungs while sending these girls a dick picture on some social media network, I’m willing to bet they’ll smile, say hello and might even engage in a conversation with you for a short while.

I’ve met a lot of cool people because of the show. Billy Watson isn’t so bad. We’ve had him on twice because we find him interesting. At this point, we’ve had a lot of girls on: AVN Hall of Famers, girls who’ve been in the industry for two weeks and everyone in-between. They’ve all been fun to talk to, have no problem engaging with their fans and I’ve even made a few friends along the way.

The three things I’ve learned from most of the girls are this:

– You don’t need to type in all caps or be rude or crude toward them to get your point across. Most of them can read just fine and are happy to respond if you’re respectful, funny, intelligent or all three.

– Please, for all that is holy in the world, do not send these girls, or me or the guy writing this blog, pictures of your dick to impress them, us or him. Most of the time it’s the most unflattering thing you can send/show a girl. She’d be more amazed if you did something creative that didn’t involve your penis.

– When they’re off set, they like to go home and relax just like you and me. Treat them like a normal person. They just might get back to you. Possibly even on a regular basis.

Yes, like I’m sure anyone who has anything to do with this industry have heard, it’s a great job or hobby to have. I’ve enjoyed my time doing the show and I’ll continue to do it as long as people listen or hotties like Christie Stevens, Julie Cash and Ash Hollywood agree to come on and talk to me for a while. Hope you tune in to the next broadcast and this helps you get to know your favorite star or starlet a little better.

5 thoughts on “Today’s Guest Blogger: PSpinPoker and His Advice on Approaching Your Favorite Porno Princess”

  1. The thing that trips me out is that I think most people don’t realize that women in porn were not always in porn and there will be a time when they will not be staring in porn. I have been with a porn star and I am not a fan of her movies. When I look at any women in porn I am just thinking and hoping that she puts it on me better than she did in any off her scene. Most of these girls are in their best physical condition while they are in porn. The light are right the scenes are hot but in real life you got deal with real emotion and real life. I had a girl ask me if I want to do a threesome. I declined because I thought it was a trap. A porn star that does the two girl one guy thing may catch feeling in real life and jealously may arise. Even when you get with a chick in porn you are still going to have to deal with the issues that don’t involve sex. I found myself sitting the hair salon and paying for breast examinations. The porn game masks all the real life things and most of the time women will leave you in order to maintain the level of comfort they have become accustomed to. Let’s face it porn does treat women good. It maintains a constant fantasy for a long time. I hate when I see women get all burnt out in porn. Sometimes porn down plays how good that pussy is. Like if I was to bang Scarlett Pain I would not be inviting the homies from the DogFart Network. The white girls on this site are on my bucket list, no light no camera, just my own personal action.

  2. I love it. They get famous from swallowing loads on camera and then feign indignity when some fat kinky/creepy repressed weirdo sends them a dick pic? Listen up you std riddled camera whores: there’s money in whoring yourselves that way too! It’s called exposing republicans! Get it?

    Dox every single kinkster who stalks you ladies. If you find they are a republican party member send it to billy. I’m willing to bet that most of the fans you have on the republican side can’t bring themselves to blow loads in their wife’s mouth, no matter how bad she wants to make his fantasy come true. Help us level the playing field ladies. Give the names to billy and share profit. As billy says on his blog, pimpin ain’t easy, and daddy needs a new sports car. 😉

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