6 thoughts on “In Memoriam: Smokin’ Joe Frazier”

  1. RIP Joe. Also several other “famous” people have passed this week. Cory Smoot, lead guitarist for GWAR, Rapper Heavy D and Bil Keane, creator of the Family Circus comic. RIP to all.

  2. Please advise for a first time read: Philip Roth, DonDeLillo or Ian McEwan? I’ve asked you before regarding Cormac Mccarthy. Thanks in advance. Have you ever read Saramago? Not the usual comment, huh?

  3. @toutjour – The only Roth I’ve read — The Ghost Writer — I liked a lot. But it’s been a while. I skimmed through Portnoy’s Complaint, but never committed. Don Delillo’s White Noise is great. Never read McEwan nor Saramago. What did I say about McCarthy? I don’t recall.

  4. You didn’t really said anything, I’ll search if those titles are available in Portugal. Thanks, and keep posting!

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