5 thoughts on “Jizzelle Ryder Talks Sex.”

  1. Billy, can you write a post (other than having the minion talk about it) describing the dynamic of how guys need to be in the porn industry? Is it true that they do gay porn to get to straight? How do they get selected? Stuff like that.

    You always mention how hard it is for a guy to do porn but I just can’t believe it. If you describe it in depth maybe I would understand better.

  2. Scarily level-headed for such a young gal! Hopefully she had (is having) a good run and enjoying herself.

  3. Not to repeat myself but you’re really on to something here, Billy. These interviews are fantastic and will be around awhile.

    Sidenote: It would be awesome if you got Klaudia Kelly on BoB. She’s genetically made for that site!

  4. How fucked up is that…………….Can’t wait to see the follow up interview 10 years from now. Funny thing is, Dylan Ryder left the business to become a corrections officer and wound up losing her job or quitting when they found out about her porn career.

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