A New Look

My blog got a major facelift — its second since I started it — and I like how it turned out. The panda girls might be a little overwhelming. And kinda creepy. But creepy in a good way. You might have noticed it was a blank slate most of yesterday, but I got things fixed with the help of a WordPress guru (WordPress is the blogging software I use).

Sometimes I wonder if I’d be happier doing something else for a living.

I went and saw the new Planet of the Apes flick Saturday night. Afterwards I found myself at Amoeba, where I always tend to gravitate towards whenever I’m in Hollywood. I walked out with another Fucked Up record called “The Chemistry of Common Life”, which I haven’t even gotten a chance to listen to — yet.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m wasting my life making dirty movies.

I finally got my medicinal marijuana card. I went to the Adult Exxpo with The Minion a couple weekends ago, and there was a doctor at the convention giving $60 consultations — a bargain. I filled out some paperwork, and by the time I was done The Doc was ready to see me. He was a nice guy, but he looked just like how you’d imagine. I told him about my anxiety issues, and my shitty, sleepless nights, as well as my issues with Restless Leg Syndrome. I struggled with all this stuff before I started self-medicating a few years ago. Now, I’m legal.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the best job in the world.

Speaking of The Minion, I had lunch with him today at Greenblatt’s. Our pal Johnny Fender joined us. I dined on the knockwurst and beans; The Minion enjoyed a corned beef sandwich and a potato knish; Fender had a bowl of Matzo Ball Soup on my recommendation, as well as 1/2 a sandwich…but I can’t remember what kind of sandwich he ordered. I like eating at Greenblatt’s cause the food is was better than Canter’s, and I almost always have a decent celebrity sighting when I eat there.

Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever have a relationship doing what I do for a living.

I only wonder about that cause I talked to a Pornographer Pal of mine who just ended his relationship. He makes POV porn and found a girl he liked a whole lot. She was porno, too. He was totally into her — so much so he kinda quit doing scenes, and he moved her into his place. 2 1/2 weeks later he paid her to leave, packed her stuff into boxes, and shipped them back to the mid-west. He’s now on Match.com.

Sometimes I wonder if I have the best job in the world.

Fetishes never made sense to me until I got older. All through my 20’s and 30’s it was all about fucking. Then I got bored with it. Don’t get me wrong — I still like sex, but fetish fun is way more interesting. Sex gets boring. So far, fetishes haven’t.

10 thoughts on “A New Look”

  1. I don’t like the new look Billy. There was nothing wrong with the old one so why change it?

  2. Looks great. Much easier on the eye and the text looks sharp. Not crazy about the header, but I’m sure you’ll change it from time to time. GreenBlatt’s is the shit. Guess my invite got lost in the mail.

  3. The only gripe I got with your blog it’s not diggin’ deep enough in the interviews and then starting to tell a story and leaving us hangin’, like here. If you’re gonna mention your buddy and the porn chick, tell the whole story!! What the fuck happened that he actually PAYED her to get out of his place? What possessed him to fall for this girl, he’s supposed to know the type? How long has he been dealing with girls like her? Change the names and places to protect the innocent if you have to but tell the story. Now with the kaylee Hilton interview, I was left with so many questions unanswered. You gotta grill em’, dig into their past, make them remember every scar! Nah, just kidding……I get that you deal with them every day and already know the answers to most of the questions, plus you don’t want to offend them. You could have at least asked her if her dad knew about her career and that she shot interracial, though. You need to watch Louis Theroux or listen to some Stern interviews, damn. Step it up, Billy! *I’m joking*

    As far as getting out of the business, you’re pretty much past the point of no return now wouldn’t you say? Well, my mother gave me one of those metal bookmarks a few years ago that said “It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”–I have no clue why, guess she wanted me to go to college– But you got all your money sunk in porn, huh? That must be stressful, no pension, no 401k, gotta put your extra money in treasury bonds or mutual funds or some shit like that, but it could be worse. As far as meeting a girl that’s in your age range(mid 40’s?) and is cool with what you do….good luck. Especially with the kind of content you shoot. Start shooting softcore lesbian and you MIGHT have a shot at meeting a respectable woman. If not, your just gonna have to settle for getting blown by 19 year olds for the rest of your life………hmmm tough choices to make.

    Oh, and them fuckin’ wires hangin’ outta that disconnect in your studio gotta go. That shit is not up to code, rip em out and throw some knockout seals in there. Save you some money when you go to sell the place.

  4. @Blaster — sorry bro! We shoulda invited you!!

    @Bully — I have a 401(k), and I like your mom’s quote. A good one. What wires are you talking about?

  5. @Billy Watson- There’s a panda mask picture on the header, it’s a girl sweeping up the floor of what i’m assuming is your studio. There’s an electrical disconnect-or it could be a sub-panel- behind her with a wire hanging out of the top of it, and the duplex receptacle behind her below the thermostat is missing a knockout(there’s an open hole in the box) If you ever go to sell the place and an inspector comes by he’ll flag you for that kind of shit. It doesn’t meet NEC requirements.

  6. Billy – IMO your diet is shit and it is giving you the depression, sleepless nights, and other mental problems. not to mention probably physical health problems now or coming later. suggestion – stop eating all of the high calorie, high fat, processed foods. burritos, knockwurst, pizza, etc. remember the movie Supersize Me? Morgan Spurlock? i think if you try to eat healthier you will look better and feel better. and get out and walk at least 2 miles a day if you don’t already. you live in LA – weather is always great and plenty of healthy food choices around.

    Good luck!


    p.s. check out these links –



  7. At least you don’t sit in an office 8 hours a day at a job you hate that doesn’t pay that great and at least you don’t look like a guy who if talking to two girls and standing next to the minion, they’d find him more attractive.

  8. Yeah, I can see where creepy pictures of some freak in a plastic mask would seem like a good idea. But look at the evidence:


    Maybe you were obligated to do the panda-girl thing under rule 34. (http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Rule%2034) But that’s over now. You can stop.

    On the other hand, the girl on the header is pretty hot. Nice hooters. Put her in bondage and attach a milking machine to her, and then you’ll *really* have something.

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