3 thoughts on “Larkin Love talks Fetish.”

  1. “Sure.” (shrug)

    God, these videos are great! It’s interesting to see the raw person behind the bare skin. Also, it seems as though Miss Larkin Love has put a lot of effort into *understanding* her audience’s fetishes and desires. I wonder how many performers in the industry bother to do this, as opposed to just doing whatever scene/theme/thing is asked of them and then going on their merry way.

  2. Some girls are in this for a Grab-and-Go, which means it’s all about the money and that’s it…and then there’s girls like Larkin.

  3. Most of the girls that Billy interviews sound like blithering, uneducated retards. My nutsac is more intelligent than 85% of the “porno princesses” that are around today. Trust me, I know, I read their Harvard caliber Twitter updates. But Larkin Love is not like that. I see an intelligent, witty woman, that is level headed, well spoken, well educated and has a sense of personality to her. Man what a breath of fresh air compared to the mentally challenged twits that Billy usually interviews. Looking forward to seeing more Larkin Love in the future.

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