I’m Just Thinkin’ a Bit. Specifically for a Title to Today’s Entry.

Panda Butt
I’m at the point in Bob Mould’s book where he just started Sugar; this, of course, happens after he terminated Hüsker Dü.

I was thinking about getting rid of cable TV and keeping my Netflix account and getting a Hulu “Plus” account, too.

I bought a new printer recently, and I’m having a blast making prints of some of my pictures…but I won’t go as far as calling my pictures “photographs”.

Maggie is 8 1/2 years old and suffers from hip dysplasia; it’s so bad her front legs are starting to go, as they’ve been over-compensating for her weak hind legs. We spoon a lot, but I never slip it in. She’s called me a tease more than once.

I’d guestimate I spend about 85% of my free time alone, and out of that time, I’d say I’m lonely 10% of the time, and taking that 10% into consideration, I’d say 95% of it is between 10pm and when I go to sleep, which varies between midnight and 2 am.

One of the great songs: The Damned’s “New Rose” — but I’m not a big fan of theirs. Same goes (on both counts) for “(I’m) Stranded” by The Saints.

Thinking of those two songs makes me take back all the bad things I ever said about 70’s music.

When I was a kid, my first foray into music was WLS MUSICRADIO 89; this is the top 5 songs they played for the week ending September 7, 1974, and revisiting this list makes me think of sitting in the passenger seat as mom drove us to The Museum of Science and Industry: “(You’re) Having My Baby”, “The Night Chicago Died”, “I Shot the Sheriff”, “Tell Me Something Good” (Rufus!), and “Feel Like Makin’ Love”.

The Minion started blogging. Go check him out.

People take porn way too seriously.

I’m totally slacking on yoga practice. This is why I’ve been uptight lately.

John Updike once said Death, Sex, and Art are the three Great Mysteries in life, and I agree with him…but I’d like to add The Fourth Great Mystery: relationships. Wait…maybe “Sex” covers relationships. Yes, in fact, it does. So there is no Fourth Great Mystery.

I’m hoping people start dumping their books cheap and using that money to buy Kindles and iPads and whatever other sort of e-Readers are out there, just like people dumped their records in the mid-to-late 80’s to buy CD’s; this time, I’m gonna buy all the books I can and not fall for the same trick I did in 1985.

I like Kindles and iPads and whatever other sort of e-Readers are out there, cause they facilitate reading. But I like books way better. Tangibility goes a long way.

I want to lose 35 pounds, so when I’m 200, my penis will appear to be an inch longer. (Note: my good health takes second place to the size of my ween.)

I lost my virginity my junior year, but I got blown two months after I turned 15 — the middle of my freshman year. This was February ’79, and her name was Diana, and I remember thinking how awesome her wet vagina felt wrapped around my middle finger while she sucked me off in the back seat of my dad’s ’75 Pontiac convertible after The Parada del Sol — a car I still own to this day.

Diana would come over to “help” me with my math, and I’d bring her into my room with my closet door open, cause I had a floor-to-ceiling mirror affixed to the back of that door, which was a very pervy way way to watch her blow me, cause usually she’d kinda rest her head on my stomach to do it, and that totally obstructed the view of my dick going in and out of her mouth. I can’t believe my parents would actually let that fly — closing the bedroom door while she was over, I mean.

Diana swallowed without question, every single time, which led me to believe every girl in the whole wide world behaved the same way.

I’d often play side 2 of Pink Floyd’s Animals when Diana came over to help me with math.

My math ended at Algebra 2, my junior year. I simply couldn’t do it. I did great with Geometry my sophomore year, though. Which makes sense. Cause if A = B, and B = C, then A has to equal C.

I still love Wilco; however, I’m on the hunt for a new favorite band to obsess over.

Yes, those are army-man PJ’s I’m wearing as I bury my face into the ass of a beautiful Porno Princess; her butt hole smelled as glorious as an Easter Sunday brunch. The Minion suggested she don The Panda Mask, and then he snapped the pic.

I want to see Captain America, but I’m not a big fan of super-hero movies. I did read a lot of comics growing up though, and Daredevil was my favorite, cause it made sense to me that no one would suspect a blind dude to be a super hero. Hulk was a close second.

Here’s an interesting article on porn piracy, which, as you know, I’ve talked about more than once in the past.

Here’s a list of all the musicians who have died at 27 — the “27 Club”.

Right now, as I wrap this post, my cleaning crew is about to start sanitizing my studio, which is the best money I spend on a regular basis; and my iTunes, perpetually set on “shuffle”, is serving up “Teen Age Riot” — another great song.

With this post, I’m 9 away from 1,000. Not that anyone’s paying attention. Except me.

6 thoughts on “I’m Just Thinkin’ a Bit. Specifically for a Title to Today’s Entry.”

  1. Sorry about Maggie, Billy. Fuck all the tough-guy, modern nihilist apathy shit, seeing your pet in pain sucks and it hurts. I bet though you’ve given her a great life.

  2. She’s been on almost every single shoot I’ve directed since 2005. Some porn fans might trade their life for hers…LOL!

    She’s a great friend.

  3. do you have a good setup for broadcast tv setup? if not, do you have a decent chance of getting a signal from mt. wilson? the quality of digital broadcast tv is amazing, if you have a signal from the transmitters..

    i don’t think i can imagine having much of a future with any girl who doesn’t swallow. might sound harsh, but if she’s not kinky enough to be comfortable doing that, there’s probably a whole host of other insecurities she has about sex

    btw, i’m about 150 miles south of chicago on i-57

    any advice for my impending 30th bday on wednesday? i know you once said yours was kinda hard to deal with :/

  4. Like you, Billy, I was never a big fan of The Saints but also loved their song “Know your Product”.

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