7 thoughts on “A Chat with Ami.”

  1. Hey Billy, one of the main reasons why I started commenting on your blog was because I noticed that not many other readers do, and I thought if I was writing a blog I wouldn’t be too encouraged to continue it if the only comments I got were corny one-liners or worse yet, none at all. So, since I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to the updates I figured I would start commenting- a little bit of positive reinforcement, if you will- and thought maybe you would appreciate it and reply out of, if nothing else, common courtesy. I try to provide some thoughtful disussion, and even provide a few cool links for you and the other readers. So it kind of perplexes me when I ask a question in a comment and get no answer. It just makes me wonder what exactly motivates you to write at all.

  2. This is the chick in that video you posted skating the bowl nude, right? She’s pretty badass, I skated for 5 years and never learned how to drop in on a ramp, but then again we didn’t have any skate parks or half pipes over here on the east coast back then, we all skated street. I’d imagine it’s a lot different out in Cali, being the Mecca of skateboarding and all. Ah, skating Love park and City hall all day, those were the days. Absolutely no fucking responsibilities.

  3. Hey Bully! I think I mentioned in the past that I leave the comments for the readers…for the most part. It’s not about being inconsiderate as much as just giving them space here to do their thing. I appreciate your input!! As far as my motivation to write? Well, it gives me a way to vent, I guess. I’ve always done it as a way to deal with whatever it is that’s going on around me.

    And yes, I saw Exit Through The Gift Shop while it was still in the theaters. 🙂

  4. I see the panda mask in the background…. 😀

    Do I sense a candidate for “Girl In A Panda Mask”?

  5. OMG this is the girl that ate the infamous “cum omelet”! that was probably the most disgusting thing i’ve ever seen in porn. Billy – any comment on that scene?

  6. @Booty — It’s always there, my friend…the mask. Just in case. I have approached Ami about the job, too.

    @Gordon — Ami’s hardcore, and she’s naughty, and she’s up for a good challenge…that pretty much sums it up.

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