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cuckold madness

BLY writes:

I have been interested in doing porn for a really long time. I understand u arent looking for male actors at the moment but for future refrence i am 28 yrs old, male , white, live in South Carolina. I have about an 8 inch penis and i have 3 piercings in the head of my penis. I can honestly say i have never seen a porn star with pierced genitelia. I would very much like to hear a response. Thank you for your time, i have enclosed a picture of my penis.


Heya BLY –

I went ahead and blogged this without your permission, but hey…I’ve done worse things in my life. So here’s my response, and it’s very much what I tell all the dudes who ask me how they’re gonna get their dick in the door and make dirty movies: get your ass to Los Angeles, be comfortable fucking in front of strangers in really uncomfortable places with hot lights all over you and a director screaming at you to do impossible things with your 8 inch pee pee while trying your hardest not to bust too fast, or not at all, all over a girl you may like or may hate — or all over a girl that may like, or hate, you.

And there’s a reason why you haven’t seen a straight male pornstar with a dick full of earrings: lose them. At least when you show up on the first day of your new job.

Do a search on my blog and find the phone number for the boys over at American Bukkakke…lately those dudes are shooting right down the hall from me, and it’s a terrific place to jump start your career as a porn star…and you’ll make 75 bucks to boot! Imagine that! Getting paid 75 clams to bust your balls all over a Cute Lil’ Hussy…you’ll think you died, and went to straight to Heaven.

If you don’t fail, knock on my door and introduce yourself after you get paid — just please be as normal as you possibly can, OK?

Your pal – Billy

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