In Defense of Pornography.

Madison Scott free hand job movies
If you haven’t heard, this past week has been a stressful one for Porn Valley, as there’s been a confirmed case of HIV. Due to privacy laws, no one — at this point — is certain of Patient Zero’s identity. And the only way we’re gonna know for sure is if Patient Zero stands up in the crowd, raises his hand, and says, “it’s me.” And in the meantime, Patient Zero, anyone who banged him, and the people down a couple levels have had their name removed from the database (and added to a quarantine list) that producers/directors check to make sure a performer is up to snuff with testing.

Which is the way it should be.

This is a business where everyone seems to know everyone else, so rumors are flying: a gay-for-pay performer who has appeared in some straights scenes and, up til recently, advertised his services at Rentboy (“Pimp Yourself Now!” – Rentboy’s motto) is a bettor’s favorite for being Patient Zero — at even money.

He also dates a (former) female performer; in fact, there’s a handful of bi-sex scenes featuring said performers as they bang (and get banged) by various boys: June 25th – Today I’m debuting a brand new interaction shoot with the boy next door Cameron who brought along his real life girlfriend Casey to get in on the fun. July 2 – The games continues with Cameron and Casey. Watch us heat things up as we finish off our spin the bottle game and get to the real fun. July 10 – With the games over its raw action from here on out watch us takes thing to the next level before we wrap up this smoking hot shoot.

Raw action? Hmm. Unless I’m totally missing the something here, raw action means barebackin’ means sex sans condom means insane behavior in the world of gay sex between men — unless practiced by a monogamous couple who know each other’s sexual histories very well.

I’d like to add no one knows who, exactly, Patient Zero is right now — except Patient Zero and the administrators at the clinic where most of today’s performers get their monthly health check-up.

I’d also like to add that the two performers listed at Club Dean (“Cameron” and “Casey”) are, in fact, MIA…and removed from their agency’s web site.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

All of the people in Porn Valley make their living in a controversial, hotly debated industry. Sex is a controversial, hotly debated topic…especially in the great country I call home. I’m not so narrow-minded as to wonder why some people hate what we do; I wonder, however, why the people who attack us most viciously are often our best customers.

All jobs have their risks, and each and every sex worker knows what they’re getting into — whether or not they want to admit it.

A quick Google search to make a point:

Commercial Fishing: 129 deaths per 100,000 people employed in the industry and 61 injuries per 100,000 for 2008.

The Timber Industry includes loggers, lumberjacks, and helpers. It held the Number One spot for many years with 92.4 deaths per 100,000 workers in 2006 – a decrease from 118 in 2002. In 2008, fatalities increased to 116 Deaths per 100,000 workers.

Collectors of Refuse and Recyclables – Garbage Collectors and Professional Recyclers. These jobs have increased in numbers and have become deadlier. With the increasing number of businesses, dwellings, and vehicles in America, drivers and material movers are at increased risk of traffic-related accidents and/or being some other way injured by their machinery. Drivers of trucks and other sorts of commercial vehicles are more at risk as greater numbers of vehicles are put onto the streets as populations grow.

I could go on and on and talk about people who install power lines, cops and firefighters, oil and gas crews, cement makers, cabbies and chauffeurs, slaughter house employees and security guards…but I won’t.

People like eating fish; they’re ok talking about that, too. People like using products made from wood; they’re ok talking about that, too. Same goes for all the other jobs listed above…except when it comes to their masturbatory habits, which is something almost no one likes to talk about — let alone even admit.

There’s ways to make all workers safe…and safer. I dunno what lumberjacks do to protect themselves, nor garbage men, nor the fine folks who install our power lines.

I do know sex workers get tested every 30 days for HIV, chlamydia, and gonorrhea, as well as bi-annually for syphilis…and I think it’s time the male talent all start wearing rubbers, too. But that isn’t the case…yet.

The problem?

You silly pervs don’t like to buy safe porn. Kills “the fantasy”. Puts an “artificial barrier” between the actors. And, for you really twisted, sick fucks who dig interracial sex, how in the world can a white girl get knocked up by a black dude who’s wearing a rubber?

So Cal OSHA steps in, makes condom use mandatory in California; hence, all the producers flee Cal OSHA’s regulations (and Porn Valley) to places like Vegas and Miami…or, as I refer to them, the left and right armpits of America.

Not really. Gary, Indiana is actually the armpit of America. Well, that and Trenton, New Jersey.

I won’t shoot porn where it’s illegal to shoot porn, which leaves me LA County and New Hampshire, and I don’t see much of a porn scene there.

So, I’ll continue to shoot in Los Angeles, and I’m gonna keep my male talent pool limited to the dudes who, for the most part, are straight (yea, I’m laughing, too), and I’ll welcome mandatory condom use if (and when) it ever happens (don’t get me started on an actor’s First Amendment right to Free Expression, which includes the right to express oneself without using a condom) and I’m sure, like each and every HIV case I’ve made it through, this, like all other things, shall pass.

Mind if I keep ranting? Cause just a few days ago Madison Scott agreed to do a silly article appearing in my hometown paper, and it really pissed me off.

Once upon a time I wasn’t involved with the sex industry, and during that time I liked to beat off using pornography. It’s a great masturbatory aid — the world’s most cost effective masturbatory aid — and that’s all I ever used it for. Which is to say I fast-forwarded through the silly acting and dumb, dumb dialogue and went right to the fucking, where I’d FF through when it got boring, to the pop shot, where I usually popped. This took anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, and at that time I’d either start, resume, or end my day (with a better-than-average night’s rest).

I also like to drink from time to time. I’ll gamble when I’m in Vegas (up to my loss limit of $50)…but I’ve never, ever smoked a cigarette.

I know lots of people with drinking problems. A lot of them smoke while they’re drinking, too. In fact, it’s taken the life of more than one of my family members.

I know lots of people who gamble. A lot of them smoke while they’re gambling, too. In fact, it’s taken tolls on relationships (and bank accounts) of more than one of my friends.

Gambling, smoking, boozing, and beating off are just a few things that make life worth living. They’re super fun to do (well, I can’t argue for smoking, but I’ll take it from the smokers), as long as you do them within reason (except smoking, which, at last count, is killing 1200 people PER DAY), and while I hate to see people let their vices ruin their lives, I’m certainly not about to advocate outlawing them.

I am an advocate to population control, and I think smoking is doing a great job of that…but I often wonder why the Shelly Luebens of the world aren’t spending their time eliminating smoking, which, in addition to killing a while bunch of people, is draining our health care system. I mean how about at least help the Porno Princesses quit smoking, Shelly?

Well, cause it’s easy to point the finger at porn.

Are you getting tired of my rant? Cause I’m getting tired of writing it…but real quick, lemme add something: before I got into porn, I couldn’t imagine what would make a cute, wholesome girl commit filthy, despicable acts for the world to see. Before I got into porn, I thought The Bang Bus was real. Before I got into porn, I really thought someone held a gun to Linda Lovelace’s head and made her suck a bunch of cock. Before I got into porn, I really thought Traci Lords was stoned for 3 years straight and didn’t know what she was doing.

Before I got into porn…

If you took the time to read Madison Scott’s story, let me clarify a few things: she didn’t make a million dollars in porn, and she didn’t spend anywhere near that on drugs to cure herself from STD’s, and she didn’t spend anywhere near that on drugs to party with; in reality, I never saw one dirty AIM test for Madison Scott (and I’ve looked at MANY) and I know Madison Scott didn’t party to excess (she was too busy taking care of her little girl).

I do know Madison Scott feels like she has a lot of explaining to do (mainly to people who don’t give a shit about her) about her porn career, and instead of just telling people something like, hey, I fucked and sucked a whole bunch for a lot money, and now I’m broke cause I never really learned how to manage it, let’s just tell something The People want to hear. Something that will make sense to Them. And make me, Madison Scott, look like a good girl who made a terrible, terrible mistake…such a big one that I’m gonna ask The Big Man to forgive me — cause that’s the only way The People will.

Besides, how else am I gonna get my kid good daycare after everyone finds out I was a porn star?

OK — rant over. I could go on and on. I was gonna address my friend Mark G. from Down Under and his silly statements attacking porn, but they’re so ‘tarded they don’t even justify being addressed, and I’ve ranted enough, and besides, I got the new Superchunk record, and it’s way better than I thought it was gonna be, which is a great surprise, so I’m gonna so listen to some ‘Chunk and enjoy the rest of my Saturday editing porn and listening to music at unhealthy levels.

My poor ears.

But, in the end, when I’m a deaf old man, and I can’t hear what the nurse says to me while I get my sponge bath, I’m gonna blame myself — not the music.

26 thoughts on “In Defense of Pornography.”

  1. So it sounds like it’s definitely a man. You guys gotta get these “gay for pay” people outta straight porn.

  2. 8 year old kid stumbles on your website when parents are sleeping. Keep fooling yourself into believing you’re doing good Billy 😉 There’s a reason why what you do is illegal in 48 states and most places in the world.

  3. 8 Year old kid’s parents are to blame there, my angry friend. Cheap software for parents to monitor (and block) their child’s internet sessions. You just don’t get it, do you, Mark?

  4. And again, we go into the arguement that more and more people are expecting others to look after their children for them, rather than doing it themselves…

  5. No one will spank to…or even watch condom porn.I sure won’t.I’ll just subscribe to some classic porn site & hope the archivist has a good nose for hunting down & digitizing all the old 8mm loops and VHS tapes.That-or some Euro-site run by a CC card number thief/gangster.If it’s not already too late…the best possible course of action for the industry P.R. machine would be to solemnly swear:NO MORE CROSSOVER MEN.Political correctness be damned.

    P.S. Easy on Vegas there Billy.You may need us sooner than you think.BTW…I’m 6’2″ / 205 should you need to re-stock on talent when you get here.

  6. There’s always someone else to blame Billy. Not all kids live in a perfect household with 2 parents and a nanny to cook them breakfast and take them to school each morning. The world isn’t perfect. I suppose cigarette vendors (and tobacco companies) probably say the same thing to themselves – “we’re not forcing anyone to smoke”. In their minds, they probably actually believe that they don’t have any part in causing lung cancer.

  7. BTW:

    That Madison Scott story.Wow…she really did sell out.It’s not surprising that someone just outta’ high school would piss through 250k a year and find themselves a tad bitter.That happens to better educated people who find themselves having to deal with an easy windfall.(ex commodities trader here) It would also not surprise me a at all to see her back in the biz after realizing that a being a receptionist will not even cover the car note.Much less tuition.Hopefully she’ll have a better plan for the money that second go-’round.(doubtful)

  8. great post, I forgot it was about the HIV positie until I got to the comments here. I like how it came back to American society and vices. Smoking took my parents lives and I grew up in the conservative Midwest. I guess I don’t have anything to add, it just speaks to me.

    By the way Mark G. I totally disagree with you. But you probably don’t care.

    Oh, I vote for condom porn too.

  9. Mark, there’s a very easy solution to this: Educate the parents on proper use of technology so they can safeguard their child. Would you blame a bleach company for poisoning your child if you left it unlocked in an easily accessible location?

    Are you going to write the company for Sam Adams or Jack Daniels for leaving your alcohol out in a consumable grasp? No. And that’s illegal under 21– the child doesn’t receive nearly as harsh a judgement as the parent does. That’s endangering a minor right there, and you’re responsible.

    It’s time to own up to parental flaws with regards to technology and accept your role as a responsible adult. If you want to make porn out to be as bad as you say it is, then its time to own up and be responsible for your own child. These things are here, and they’ll be here to stay. The industry is doing what it can on their end to abide by the laws stipulated for them. If you don’t agree with it, stop trying to fight the big fight for your children’s children’s children and start in your home. At least there you’ll get something done.

    And ultimately, if you instill your “righteous morals” into this poor child, they won’t need to buy porn or watch it, which will hit the coffers of the industry, and you’ve gotten your personal vendetta fulfilled.

    Though just saying, righteous moral folk are usually the most sexually repressed and prone to deviant sexual activities.

  10. I wonder what most porn princesses at her level made in her time? Maybe $100K/year? My guess is those days are gone.

  11. Billy,

    As always, good stuff. Keep up the writing.
    Safety boils down to a matter of economics. Each of the industries you mentioned faced such a challenge. The average person wants the things cheap. Once the (perceived) price becomes too high, people find substitutes. An excellent example is the history of coal mining. Several eastern states made billions in the heyday of coal production and safety was atrocious. As unions and federal regulators became more powerful, conditions improved and costs went up (safety apparently costs money and time). Where is most of the coal produced on the planet today? China. Given China’s need for fuel sources, government, population, and general record on employee safety, I doubt you will see unions and protest on safe practices happening there anytime soon.

    Cal-OSHA may act but any mandate will be tied up in the courts for years. Weinstein’s petition reads in such a way that all bodily fluids would need to be handled as if infected. This would effectively end any bodily contact with such fluids; no squirting, facials, hand jobs, etc. Also, the petition adds burdens on the employer such as providing free personal protective gear, vaccinations, and post-exposure evaluation. All of this protection gets costly fast. If Cal-OSHA could mandate at least “condom-only”, someone somewhere would still produce the “raw action” mostly everyone wants. Let’s remember Chico Wang’s quote (paraphrased) in regards to porno princesses: “A whore is any girl who fucks for money. 90% of the girls in the industry hate what they do and 99% of the girls in the industry hate getting assfucked but do it only for money.” So the actors in the industry are engaging in a risky business for money. The same is true for miners, fishermen, recyclers, loggers, etc.

    If the money in the industry is drying up like morning dew on a hot summer day, what will your ‘average porn princess’ do? Some of the bright ones will leave the industry and go onto careers within or outside adult entertainment. A small few will probably go to the amateur or professional prostitution (e.g. Craigslist, Bunny Ranch, private clubs, pimps, etc.) where they will probably engage in sans-condom action. The majority, as Chico eloquent puts it, with room temperature IQs and poor life and job skills will migrate (moth to the flame) to the producers willing to pay more condomless sex.

    The industry is fantasy. Sex sells but fantasy is your returning customer. Chico’s conclusion (in your blog post, “What makes a girl do porn?”) is correct: it is fantasy and most of us have forgotten this simple little fact. Sane and rational people don’t have unprotected sex with complete strangers upon first meeting them nor do they “JOMG” with $200+ prescription lenses. Even Shelly Luebens of the world are based in fantasy. (minor rant) As a former actress herself, does she really believe the majority of the women in porn are “in bondage” as sex slaves and prostitutions? Really?! (/minor rant) The substratum of her foundation is the “Captain Save-A-Ho” complex; we need to fight the greedy evil men of porn who are ravishing our daughters and wives for profit and corrupting the minds of our young boys and husbands.

    In the need for brevity, I did not even address the gay-for-pay issue (porno prince/fairy) or the undercurrent of bashing going on in the industry right now. Fear tears away the veil of fantasy and brings out the best (but mostly, the worst) of people.

    As always, love your blog! Keep it up.

  12. Billy, i know you dont care, but youre doing great in the bolog recently.
    And Here in Brazil in one of the few big companies the condom is mandatory.

    Whats the diference? Hell.I even fuck my girlfriend with condom.

  13. If somehow the industry collectively decided to refuse cross over male talent work in straight porn there wouldnt be much good porn I suspect; That would eliminate half of the talent pool leaving just the wannabees/MOPES and some very very tired alist straight talent. IF they could agree to that then they should be able to agree to use condoms without government intervention.

  14. billy when people like you continue to hire gays like jason brown in straight porn u r risking the health of performers.

    and when u hire boring performers constantly like flash brown u r risking a network go out of just saying.

  15. @Travis

    I totally agree with you. It seems that the problem lies only with the crossovers. I’ve been reading criticism of this practice on numerous industry blogs (some of whom I found through Billy’s links). These guys should not be in business this way, because it seems that they are many times the source ofmthe problem.

    And I’ll qualify the statement by saying “if true.”

  16. Bless you, Billy Watson. Bless you.

    Mark G is a prima facie example of why we need to start teaching our children critical thinking and problem solving skills in our schools.

  17. liked penelope on she went to high school with me and was shy i thought, she danced in white boots on the line, but lindsay villard is hot now.

  18. Billy, your blog is awesome. Keep shooting, and keep writing.

    People seem to forget (or maybe it’s that they never knew) that the porn archetype has been around for centuries. Porn isn’t going anywhere, and neither is violence, swearing, or anything else that parents should (or think they should) shelter their kids from.

    If you ask me, parents should talk to their kids about these things, instead of trying to shelter them. You didn’t ask, but if you did, that’s what I’d say…

  19. [Real name deleted] stage name is Penelope at Nubiles dot com Does anyone have any other information on her, is she on other sites? Where? (Billy’s note: why do people always feel the need to out a porn star’s real name?)

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