Super Fun E-Mails.

Wesley Pipes

Chris writes:

Dear Billy watson ,

I just wanted to say that I love your blog !! it’s pretty interesting to hear first hand about all the stuff that happens behind the scenes on these porn shoots. I like your style of writing as well, your a great storyteller and I think that adds to the great quality of this blog . Blacks on blondes has been one of my favorite sites for quite some time. I have a question : Wesley Pipes is no doubt one of the funniest motherfuckers in porn! He’s like the Tracy Morgan of porn, only more gangster! What is his deal ? Is he coming out with his own site ? I’ll tell you what he should ! That guy is gangster! No doubt he has done a couple of bids here and there. I love it when he’s telling some white chick exactly how he wants his dick sucked. Are you coming out with more stuff featuring him ? Inquiring heads want to know. Keep up the good work , i’m looking forward to seeing more stuff in the future.


Heya Chris!

What kind words from such a kind man. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. And you’re right about Wesley Pipes. For my money, there’s no better talent – white or black – working the game right now. The picture I took here for Dogfart and the Blacks On Blondes crew says it all: Wesley Pipes is one bad ass motherfucker. I know I’ve blogged about Wes before, and I’ll say it again, cause a lot of what I say here gets buried in my archives, and no one really reads anything that falls off the first page of my blog – Wesley Pipes is, hands down, the most dangerous man I know.

He’s dangerous in a number of ways. He’s dangerous on set. He tears up white pussy. Shreds white girls’ asses. Just rips it up. And he thrives on it all.

But, if he’s dangerous, who hires him? How does he work? I mean I would never hire a dangerous man into my studio. By that I mean anyone who would do any bodily harm to anyone. I just can’t think of a better way to describe him.

See, these girls meet Wes, and he’s a very clever, charming guy…until the camera rolls. Then he steps into character, and it’s all over. And guess what? The girls LOVE it. They go nuts. Ask Spring Thomas! She’ll back me here.

It’s really funny, cause some girls are a bit nervous the day they walk into my studio to work with Wes…cause they’ve “heard things”. Once we talk it out, I discover they heard something from someone who talked to this guy who knew this director who said Wes isn’t the best guy to work with. And then I clarify things, and then Wes walks into my studio, and he meets and greets, and the next thing I know my female talent is chatting with Wes, and everyone’s very friendly, and then the next thing you know – it’s on.

As in it’s ON.

That’s when Wesley Pipes turns into a very dangerous man.

His favorite saying is “white girls never say no”…and guess what? On my set, once a girl warms up to Wes…they never say no.


Wes has that uncanny ability. Really. They never say no. And they do it – “it” meaning they say “yes” – with a smile on their face. Then they moan and groan, and then it’s on.

As in it’s ON.

Take a look at today’s blog pic: it’s a yet-unseen still from a future update at Blacks On Blondes. Wesley and his homie Ice Cold do a real number on a Betty Page look-a-like named Bobbi Starr. I snapped this pic right before Wesley invaded Miss Starr’s colon. And Bobbi loved every minute of her double-dark dicking.

I’m serious.

And when it was over, Miss Starr thanked Wesley Pipes, like they all do. Wes usually gets their phone number, and the female talent wind up requesting him on future jobs, and that’s that. I wish I could explain it more. Maybe it has to do with his bad boy image and girls who really don’t want a nice guy, even though they always say they do. Maybe someone with more brains than I can explain it more adequately – like Dr. Drew, or Dr. Phil, or Dr. Joyce Brothers…maybe Dr. Suess or Dr. Doolittle.

Someone, anyone – help me.

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