Billy Watson, Tweet Machine.

Billy Watson Twitter Page
So I now Tweet.

Or do I Twitter?

What’s the past tense of Twitter? Is it Tweeted?

And is what I do on a daily basis merit your attention? Who knows…I avoided the Twitter thing for so long; now I feel kinda dumb. Like The Dork who joined the party way too late.

So why even join?

I guess if there’s some traffic to be had, that’s cool, cause in the end I’m a traffic whore. And a dork.

I guess I’ll do the same thing everyone in the porno game does with their Tweets: pics of nude chicks, drama, and more pics of nude chicks.

Cause, in the end, that’s all you care about anyway, right?

7 thoughts on “Billy Watson, Tweet Machine.”

  1. I do care about stuff other than pics of naked chicks, the drama is cool though lol. ill go follow you on twitter now.

  2. Actually, pics of nude chicks are everywhere, it’s the stories that keep us coming back.

  3. “Actually, pics of nude chicks are everywhere, it’s the stories that keep us coming back.”


  4. I’ve only lurked your blog for a couple of months, but I have to say I am less interested in your porn sites than I am on how you write about the experience, and I don’t mean sexually. I think you have a very true talent in writing that transcends this guise of porn guy. You have real emotions that you pen to digital ink; sometimes sad, sometimes funny and childish, and sometimes very insightful about what a person with some shred of morality might have about being in the business of skin.

    Your blog is like Forrest Gump meets Boogie Nights, meets Memoirs of a Geisha. And I think your readership enjos all of your trials and tribulations more than trying to be all toughguy and puffing your chest out about whores you don’t care about. By my count, you seem to really care about all of these people, you certainly dedicate enough of your time to know and explain who they are personally.

    So let me recount the last few weeks as a reader:

    1.) BW is a normal guy thrust into a porn world where people are treated like shit.
    2.) I, BW, am actually ambivalent on this existence. I am concerned about what it says about me. I do care about people, and don’t consider all of these people cumbags, twats or criminal stunt cocks (even though I say it here and there).
    3.) I desire a “normal” relationship with a woman, but I fear that she might not want me after knowng the dirty reality of who I am. I’m going to explain in anonymity that I am too fat, repulsive, and repugnant to achieve this because I secretly fear that I shouldn’t allow myself this aspect of life after what I’ve been doing.
    4.) My one time quest to get rich quick might now be trumped with the sudden reality that this will be my legacy if I chase it just a few more years until I have no other options.

    That’s what I inferred, and I think you are selling yourself short. Your thoughts, and your personal musings are what people are after. There’s a great story in here, and it’s dying to get out. And you are the writer who can humanize all of this for us, like you do for us for free everyday.

    Honestly, I think you overlook your own true talent; compelling others to understand what goes through the mind of someone who is not a sociopath through something that is sociopathic in nature (or at least as I’ve gleaned so far). On that level, many people can relate, and that might even explain the popularity of this blog. Many people feel this way and aren’t associated with “smut.”

    Give yourself a pat on the back already and chase this new wunderlust you’re experiencing. And by all means write about it, as in a movie.

    Just my .02 as random sidewalk person observing.

  5. I detest Twitter. I call it twatter for a reason — and I think it’s a fad that would be dead now if it wasn’t for that whole Iran thing a year back or so.

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