The Money Shot

Dick Sucker Ryan Star

I think it’s safe to say the money shot is the most important part of any scene, and just to drive my point home, I do something today that I don’t really do too much – in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever done it here: post pop shot pics on my blog.

But take a look at those fuckers. See what I mean? You know the old cliche, but I think these pictures speak about a million words – each. And it’s why The Pop Shot is porn. Forget doggie style, reverse cowgirl, or ever pile driver; forget blow jobs and eating pussy and anything fetishy you can muster; forget it all: there’s a reason why it’s called The Money Shot.

Back when I was a porno consumer, I used to feel ripped off when I rented a movie and the pop shots sucked. Really, I did. Sure, I liked the sucking and fucking, but if there wasn’t a really, really happy ending to whatever or whoever I was watching…well, forget it.

And if the pop shot isn’t all over her face, then forget it. I don’t want to see it on her butt, her tummy, or in her mouth so she can swallow it all (yawn)…explode all over her pretty face so we can see a real reaction to sex – not the phony bullshit we’re often forced to endure.

All that moaning and groaning you jack to? Fake. Well, not all of it…but pretty close.

All that dirty talk? Fake. Well, not all of it…but pretty close.

The acting? LOL. Can you even call it that?

But it ain’t acting my friends when there’s a direct hit to her kisser with a larger-than-expected load. See Ryan Star and Riley Mason here? 100% real…that look of disgust; that look of hurry hurry! quick quick!! shoot your stills so I can get the baby wipes and clean my face off!!! is simply priceless.

And that’s why it’s called The Money Shot.

Let’s put it another way: does your wife let you get away with this? Your girlfriend?? Maybe on a once-in-a-lifetime special occasion: after she gets the keys to her new Mercedes; after she opens that small, padded box to discover a beautiful diamond necklace; on the last night of the 21 Cruise-Around-the-World you surprised her with: cause that’s about what it takes for your wife to catch a face full of cum, isn’t it? And that’s why facials rule all sex acts. Facials are The Mother Load.

I know you’ll pardon the pun.

They’re not easy to film, either. I’ve said this time and time again, but a male’s sex anatomy is over-simplistic. So the next time you’re watching a porn and you get that weak pop shot – and you wonder what the fuck? – well, it’s simply cause the male talent’s balls are empty. That’s it. Nothing more. Getting a huge pop in the LA porn circuit ain’t easy, and I’ll tell ya why: these guys need work, and they need money, and they’ll take as many jobs as they can – sometimes 2 or 3 a day – so next time you rent a DVD and get pissed cause Joe Porno dribbled 5 drops out, it’s cause that scene was probably his 3rd that day, and his 8th that week…and it’s only Tuesday.

When you join JOMG, check out the Jasmine scene: an amateur girl from Tucson brings her amateur friend up so they can get work, and I made it clear to Amateur Joe not to touch his dick for 72 hours before the scene. Wait till you see that money shot.

Porn star Phoebe is another winner…mostly cause I hired Faceblaster for that one. His dick isn’t that big – in fact, it’s kinda small – but boy, does it pack a wallop; in fact, he was part of Riley Mason’s facial annihilation pictured below. He doesn’t get many fuck scenes, and he’s got a job outside porn…so when he shows up on a porno set, his balls are filled to the rim.

And that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Dick Sucker Riley Mason

One thought on “The Money Shot”

  1. Interesting read, thank you for writing it. It makes sense that the reason why many money shots are weak sauce is bc the male talent already shot his ammo recently bc the more movies they book, the more money they make despite the drop in quality in the money shot scene.

    In some movies, the origin point of the shot trajectory does not appear to line up perfectly with the tip of the actors dick and I kind of wondered if it was a camera trick and the actor was squirting lotion (or similar) through a trigger based pump bottle (or something similar). I have also noticed it is rare to get more than 4-6 full pumps of the dick that produce good shots. A large percentage of scenes result in less than 4 pumps of the dick, often just two pumps of liquid.

    I read that many male actors take supplements designed to give them more skeet which is also thicker and closer to solid white. Semanex is one example but there are several competitors selling semen supplements online even through Amazon. The quality supplements using natural ingredients can help semen production significantly.

    There is something in wiring of our animal brains that tell us a great money shot indicates a job well done. It is a reward designed to motivate us to fulfill our biological imperative which is to reproduce and propagate our species.

    In my humble opinion, one can tell a lot about a man by the quality of his cum shot. If it dribbles a few drops of clear liquid, just lazily dripping off his own shaft, it often (not always) means they are overwhelmed and unorganized with their life. Stress can make it hard to produce quality skeet. He might have health issues or lead a hard life in general. Issues with the liver, blood circulation, the kidneys or the testes themselves can negatively affect semen production.

    On the other hand if a man shoots ropes across the room like Spider-man, Thick, viscous, sticky, white, shot with velocity, force, impressive in quantity, delivering substantial quality semen in at least 6 pumps of the dick…that indicates his reproductive systems and likely his vital systems are all working well. It likely indicates the person gets regular excercise, which indicates discipline and organization skills which may also mean his career and other areas of his life are doing well.

    Like the epic bard of our time, Little John wrote…


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