Spring Thomas – her first interracial sex scene.

Spring Thomas

It was about 3 years ago this month we started shooting what would become Spring Thomas. This was at Dogfart’s secret mansion, high above the Pacific Ocean. We teamed her up with Byron Long for her very first scene. The scenario: Spring’s a fitness instructor and Byron her student.

Needless to say, it turned into an interracial sex classic.

But here’s the funny part. I don’t need to tell you these shoots are no-brainers. Which is to say all porn is formulaic to the point of being silly. Start with what we call a “pick-up” for about 3 minutes, go to oral sex, then on to sex…4 or 5 positions worth. Once you get about 27 minutes on tape, on to the money shot.

The pop.

The cum shot.

You know.

But as we’re filming Spring’s first scene, we’re at minute 8 and Spring’s still helping Byron with his stretching excersies. Well…there’s been more: we’ve also seen Spring stretch a lot; she’s got a beautiful body and all that…she’s meeted and greeted our stud Byron; she’s showed him the treadmill and got him up and going…and yep. Sure enough. Not 30 seconds into it poor Byron’s pulled his groin. And Spring needs to nurse it back to life.

Well, at about minute 9 Spring tends to Byron’s injury. And yea, she fixed his groin muscle. He also relieved a lot of the stress associated with his pain that day. We got the scene shot and in the can; it was the first of 125 or so….but who’s counting? And say what you will, but in the world of kooky, korny porno girls, where most are here one day and gone the next, Spring’s still going strong. Her yahoo group numbers almost 17,000, and her site rocks. She gets fan mail, hate mail, cuckold mail…you name it. And 3 years ago I’d sure had never thought – for one second – one of my closest friends would be the Interracial Queen of the internet.

I’m starting to think life is nothing more than one big kooky, korny porno scene.

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