Super fun e-mails.


I got some very interested feedback on Gianna.

V writes:

Hey Billy. I have to agree with what that other guy said about Gianna. When I first saw her on Bangbros I fell in love with her (not literally of course). Like you said, I don’t know why Gianna isn’t more famous or a bigger pornstar than she is. I think Gianna has a very unique look. She has something that makes her stand out compared to other girls in porn, but I don’t know what. But you’re a lucky bastard, man, I wish I can meet her. I envy all the male talent that got to poke her.


My biggest fan DN (who I think I’ll now refer to as “DN The Hater”) also commented on the recent string of Gianna posts:

She has a great body, but the face! She looks like she is enjoying that shower about as much as she would enjoy a letter from the IRS concerning the last seven years’ un-paid taxes. The problem with so-called porn stars is that their faces are almost always dead. Poor immitations of how a person would look who was enjoying herself, found something really funny, was outraged, etc., Although their bodies may fool us into believing in them, it only works if one doesn’t look at the eyes. There one can see the evidence of a life wasted in the pursuit of money, acceptance, and all the rest of the things which are wonderful when they augment an already existant sense of purpose and usefulness, but in the absence of which, only leave a bitter taste in the mouth and usually end up leading to a loss of whatever money or acceptance one fleetingly gained from its pursuit.


I usually have things to say about the Super Fun E-Mails I receive, but I don’t have anything to say today at all. About anything. And it has nothing to do with DN The Hater and his silly, silly comments.

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