Aiden and Her Hubby The Cuckold


About two years ago I booked a girl named Aiden to come fuck BOZ The Animal for Blacks on Blondes. It was a simple boy-girl scene, and, to tell you the truth, after I saw Aiden in her make-up I wished it was something more.

Let me back up: when porn starlets walk around in public, they don’t look like they do in set. Sure, most of them are hot, some are cute…and some look like ass. When Aiden showed up at my studio, she didn’t look like ass…but she sure wasn’t hot.

When Aiden walked out of my make-up room, she was Smoking Fuckin’ Hot. There’s a reason The Producer spends $350 a day on make-up artists…and I think we can all agree it’s money well spent.

Anyway, I stood there, in awe, admiring Aiden’s beauty and wishing I had booked (at least) a basketball team of black dudes to pound the shit out of her. Then I stood there and thought how can I make this scene hotter than it’s already gonna be? I mean I got Boz The Animal and his 13 incher…and I got a smoking hot blonde teen…what would really complete the scene?

How about the smokin’ hot teen’s hubby?

I saw this dude in my green room, right before we were walking on set, and I asked Aiden, “um…who’s that honey?”

“That’s my husband,” Aiden said.

Really. Ever think getting married at 19 is kinda young?” I asked.

I asked her not because I gave a shit what the girl thought about 19 year olds getting married…I asked her as a segue into my next question: “Do you think Hubby would sit on set and watch you fuck BOZ?”

I know I kinda winced when I asked, cause I had no idea if anyone – Aiden or Hubby – would get offended by my question, and I quickly added, “I’ll pay him a hundred bucks to just sit there. It’s called being a cuckold.”

“Oh! Um…ok. Let me ask him!” This seemed to perk her up a bit, and once we got on set, it really got her going.

I’ll skip to the interesting part: Aiden loved BOZ’s giant black meat. I mean she really loved it. I mean she really, really loved it. I mean she loved it more than just about anyone I’ve ever seen love a big black dick, and I’ve seen a lot of girls digging on black dick. She loved BOZ’s dick so much that, before long, BOZ’s big black dick was whiter than mine.

Pussy cum white.

Creamy white.

I’ve seen some creamed black dicks in my day – trust me. Between 150 (or so) Spring Thomas scenes, and another 200 (or so) Blacks On Blondes scenes, as well as some Spunkmouth interracial scenes under my belt, well…like I said, I’ve seen some creamy black dicks.

But nothing like this. As my literary hero RP McMurphy once said, BOZ made Aiden “light up like a pinball machine and pay off in silver dollars.”

I mean it was so bad I felt bad for hubby…with her eyes rolling up into the back of her head and all. And after you join Blacks on Blondes and look at hubby’s face, you’ll see what I mean. Cause deep down inside, Hubby knew he had never made Aiden feel like the way she was feeling that day…and he probably never would.

I say probably cause who knows?

About six months after I shot that scene, I ran into Aiden signing at a booth at AVN’s. We chatted it up a bit, and I asked her about Hubby.

“Oh, we’re finished. I’m divorcing him.”

I bit my lip, wondering if the BOZ scene had anything at all to do with it. We chatted it up a little while longer: about the business, our lives, and maybe working together again – but not a thing more about Hubby. Then I gave her a hug, and she gave me a small peck on the cheek; we said our goodbyes, and I walked away.

I never saw Aiden again.


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  1. This was always one of my all-time favorite scenes, and it’s now about 10x hotter knowing this backstory. I know what you mean about the makeup too, I tried finding some of her other stuff after seeing this scene and she didn’t look nearly as good.

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