4 thoughts on “The Black Dicks Are Out of Control!”

  1. LMAO B, why yes they are for the tattooed, cranked out and need money white girls and the little white boys who jack off to them those black dicks, yes those black dicks are out of control

    BTW which white girl isn’t doing IR? she’s racist if she isn’t

    Tori Black is racist she won’t do IR anal but she swallows black cum.. yea she’s racist and now she’s done IR anal with Lex….. is she still racist? forums members might still argue, did she take all of his black dick or just 50%?

    ever get the felling that all the porn forums are which white girl isn’t doing IR or here’s the list of white hoes for IR…. sounds almost like a Jules Jordan to do list…

    It’s old already these black dicks are out of control

  2. I wanna see a white girl start her career with black cock only then when she’s in decline switch to white cock only.

  3. It seemed like the interracial porn thing was way out of control with the way the production companies were saturating the market with it. This cartoon could easily be modified to include porn parody titles and it would be a little more poignant to what is happening in today’s porn world.

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