Random Thoughts, by Billy Watson.

Addison Caine P O V hand job videos
I’m thinking about getting a vasectomy. The only thing that worries me is someday I’ll find “The Right One” and I’ll actually want to procreate; I’m also worried about losing my pop shot, which, over the past three years, has already diminished to a depressing level. But I don’t really believe in The Right One and I’m not male talent…so who cares.

How bad does it hurt?

My pal Eric Swiss — who I often exploit as a Stunt Cock for my dirty movies — has a blog. It’s pretty good, too. Eric’s much more than just a stunt cock, too: he’s AVN actor of the year! He’s also world-traveled, and, for the most part, a good dude. Just don’t let him hang out with your 17 year old niece.

My McIntosh tube amps blew up the other day. If that isn’t bad enough, they decided to blow when I was showing them off to Proxy Paige. This was the night of our slumber party. I was switching out tubes, and I guess that’s a bad thing to do. Something about bias settings and shit like that. Anyways, I switch out tubes, fire them up, and BAM! The End. So now I gotta get them fixed. Funny thing is I don’t really even fancy myself an audiophile; in fact, I think it’s total snobbery, and that’s something I try to avoid. My ear isn’t even that good. For example, I can hear a difference between my Super-Duper Stereo and my iPod on the Bose deck…but not that much of a difference. And certainly not enough to warrant having my Super-Duper Stereo. I might sell it. The only problem would be I wouldn’t have a way to listen to my records.

I have lots of personal porno pics on my hard drive. I refer to them as such cause they’re pics of me hanging out with porno princesses after I get to know them a bit. They’re kinda personal, but not so much I can’t share them, right? I never really have before, but I think I’ll sell myself out and post them here from time to time in an effort to get some more traffic. I’m such a whore. Especially for internet traffic. Who knows…maybe no one will care anyway. So here’s Addison Caine at Farmer’s Market in LA going over their “To-Do List” while shopping there. Addison found her favorite thing, and she’s pointing it out for all to see.

I’m not a fan of Conan at all, but since he got fucked like a bitch by NBC and Jay Leno, I decided to watch his final show, and I’m glad I did. The only thing that topped Will Ferrell doing “Free Bird” with Billy Gibbons and Beck backing him up was Neil Young’s performance. Neil was so great It almost made me wanna cry — by No Way Am I Gay. Moving forward, we should all boycott Jay Leno, which I’ve been doing since he took over Johnny Carson’s spot years ago. Letterman’s way better, anyway.

And none of them even come close to Elvis Costello’s new show, Spectacle.

6 thoughts on “Random Thoughts, by Billy Watson.”

  1. Maybe you can tell then. Why is Lettermen so bitter nowadays and not funny like he was 10 years ago?

  2. did you see Jules Jordan’s to do list? i did.. on one his porn shop doors, was amazed at the list but come to think of it.. it’s “Jules” anyways here was that very list…….

    this is how i remember the “Jules” list….

    x to rip the porn industry off
    x to be #1 this away he can keep his porsche and his stilettos stay in the closet
    x to use black mans cum for his hair gel (he’ll scope it off the girls chins he films)
    x to take courses on how to be a man
    x shaving cream
    x to convince people “Jules” is a mans name and he has no Jewels
    x to admit he’s a pirate oh in 20 years and 20 million dollars later
    x never to show anyone his “Brazzers” work badge
    x listerine
    x to star in his own film called “butt fucked” the story of Jules Jordan and how he raped the porn industry
    x and lastly to admit all of the above.. even the listerine and shaving cream

  3. You’re a funny guy, mr Watson. And I like to wank to some of your BOB material. And me, I’m the Superwanker.

  4. It’s not a psinful procedure, just uncomfortable. You’ll be a little bruised up for a week, but it does the (mano) job.

  5. Hell yeah! I fucking love Elvis Costello’s new show. Although is it still considered new after the first season’s already finished? Either way, it was fucking fantastic. There is so much dredge in the music industry that it was awesome to have Elvis show the people who are still true musicians. Great window into what music needs to get back to!

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