Kaycee Dean – Number One

Kaycee Dean

I liked Kaycee’s look from the moment her picture ended up in my e-mail last month; I booked her immediately.

I interviewed her, too.

But I had no idea that, within days after her scene went live on Spunkmouth, that she’d be the number one rated girl by its members…but I have some ideas as to why.

I actually shot this scene as somewhat of an “experiment”. Well, experiment might be a fancy word…especially when it comes to porn, but, for lack of a better term, I’ll use it.

Kaycee doesn’t fuck one of the three dudes in the scene with her. That’s the experiment. Cause Spunkmouth is a site where the girls get fucked. Really fucked. And, in some cases, I’m using the word “fucked” metaphorically as well. Anyways, on a site where all the girls get fucked, Kaycee doesn’t…yet my members love her scene. It could be because the whole scene is conducted as an “interview”, and, it’s as close to a real interview as you can get in porno…and fans love that sort of shit.

Could be there’s 3 dicks in the scene, and the more dicks a porn girl has to handle, the more the fans love it.

Could be there’s 3 extremely large pop shots – all three dudes unloaded directly in her face, and the more jizz, the more the fans love it.

Could be Kaycee doesn’t look like a porn whore; she looks more like the girl that sat next to you in class, right? I also had her dress like that girl in your class – not like a porn whore – and I think that really helps.

Could be all of the above.

Anyways, I need to hire her back. She’s not from LA, and she’s gone home, and who knows when she’s coming back…if she ever does.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Kaycee Dean

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