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ManoJob Cherry

MJ writes:

Wanted to get your take on two things…1, very easy, who do you feel are the top 5 porn stars…let’s keep Jenna Jameson out of it, she doesn’t do raunchy good porn nowadays anyway. Here’s my top 5, just wanted to see how they compare to yours….1) Eva Angelina 2) Julia Bond 3) Eve Laurence 4) Missy Monroe 5) Spring Thomas. Is that similar to feedback you get from other browsers of your site?

Secondly, can you or have one of your girls do a blog about the typical day a pornstar has?

Hey MJ!

Funny you should e-mail me now, when I’m kinda going through a “top list” phase. I just blogged about the top scenes our members chose at Spunkmouth, and I’m about to do the same for JOMG, and, from time to time, I also talk about the top search engine queries for girls’ names that bring the surfer to I Shoot Porn.

Hey, did I mention I’ve shot every girl that ended up on your top 5 list? A few are even friends, and one is a close, personal friend…and they’re all great to work with. Which brings up another interesting thing…I don’t watch porn anymore. Really, I don’t…so I really can’t rank the girls from a consumer’s viewpoint…but I can from a director’s…so that’s what I’ll do. (Who knows. Maybe there’s no difference between the consumer and the dirctor). And I don’t ever think I’ve done a personal “top list” like you’re asking about…so, with that said, I tied on my thinking cap (very tightly) and went to work:

5) Kelly Fuckin’ Wells. I like Kelly cause she’s not ashamed at what she does for a living; in fact, she’s proud to be associated with the sex industry; she’s a pleasure to work with; she comes up with some of the best one-liners ever – hence, she clocks in at number 5. (Oh – why not mention one of her one-liners now? While she was being pounded in the ass and trading off between two cocks in her mouth, she looked into my camera and exclaimed “I wasn’t raised like this!” and then shoved both dicks in her mouth at once.)

4) Delilah Strong. She’s not, per se, the hottest girl working, but she’s hot, and she’s great, and she has the same attitude Kelly has when it comes to work, and trust me – that goes a long way. Plus, like Kelly, Delilah is a super-whore, and I mean that as a compliment, of course.

3) Erin Moore / Ruth Blackwell. Soon, Ruth Blackwell will be unleashed upon the world, and when it is, people’s porno minds will melt. Nuff said.

2) Cherry Poppens. I’ve shot Cherry so many times I’ve almost lost count, and there’s a reason why – quite simply she rules, even though she still tries to pick the “meat juice” off her vegetarian burgers every time I buy her lunch at Cassell’s.

1) Spring Thomas. Not because I’ve worked with Spring for 3+ years…not cause we’re pals, but I gotta tell ya – there’s some scenes in Spring Thomas that stand up with some of the best IR scenes ever…and yea, I’ll pat myself on the back and take part of the credit for them, too. But only part. And a small part at that, cause Spring likes to take most of the credit for her work.

May I add some names that didn’t make the list, but they’re still awesome? Liv Wylder, Riley Mason, Leah Luv, Mia Bangg, Jasmine Tame, Deja Dare, Candy Rocks and Sophia come to mind almost immediately.

As far as Jenna Jameson – well, I’m a fan of her book How To Make Love Like A Porn Star, but not her porno, even in the days when she was making the circuit and not just banging her (appearently now ex) hubby.

And finally, I do indeed have guest bloggers here from time to time, and that’s a good idea, so sure, I’ll ask one of them. But will they want to do it? I dunno…when I really think about it, blogging is really more of an excercise in self-abuse than anything else. But it doesn’t hurt to ask, right?

Your pal – Billy

Spring and Jack

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