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Sindy and Dirty

My Old Pal (not the real) Ron Jeremy writes:

Hi Billy,

Was reading your blog today and clicked over to and laughed my ass off when I read one of the descriptions:

“In the end, she got a tongue full of bung and a faceful of nasty creep-jizz. Wonderful!”

Porno-creep is a good description for that guy Dirty Harry. There is something very disturbing about him. I’ve seen clips of him going apeshit violent on girls on other sites and he looks as if he thoroughly enjoys it. I know I’ve spoken about how scary the very BLACK Wesley T Pipes is but I think this Dirty Harry character is even scarier but in a different way. If you were passed out from drinking and Wesley came upon you he would likely take your wallet and any jewelry so he could purchase drugs or use it towards whatever mods he wants to make on his bitchin ride but I don’t get the impression Wesley would hurt you if you were defenseless / passed out. This Dirty Harry seems like he would take delight in stabbing you or causing you extreme agony in some other way. This leads me to a few questions for you:

1. Is Dirty Harry really TT Boys uncle (I have heard that he is)?

2. What is Dirty Harry like to deal with?

3. Do the girls demand extra than the avg rate to deal with such a creep?

4. Have you ever shook his hand and if so did you feel the need to take a shower afterwards?

5. Do you write the descriptions of the scenes on the site yourself?

Thanks in advance for any response you may provide.

Dear The (not) Real Ron Jeremy:

In your order –

1) Yes.

2) He’s a nice guy, actually…but I can see your point about how creepy he appears to be.

3) Yes, they can…but more often girls in my business have a “No List” that is just what it sounds like – a list of the dudes they won’t work with. There are some individuals who show up on “No Lists” more often than others; which is not to say I’m speaking directly about Dirty Harry in this particular instance.

4) I have shaken Dirty Harry’s hand, and no, I did not feel the need to shower, although at the end of most days, after I wrap shooting, I do indeed feel the need to cleanse myself – and I often do end up in the shower.

5) I have written some descriptions on my sites, but the bulk are written by my partner, who has (lately) been referring to himself as “Whore Hole”.

Thanks again for your e-mail, dude…like I said, it makes my day!

Sindy and Dirty

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