Jessi Stone’s Big Fat Dick.

Jessi Stone Strap On Sex
Master Tom called. He has a studio a few blocks from mine. Master Tom shoots all sorts of debauchery: straight porno to gay porno to chicks with dicks. I’ve known Master Tom for years now; the first time I met him I had Spring Thomas in tow. We had to shoot a Spring Thomas cuckold movie, and not only did we use his studio to shoot it, but Master Tom was nice enough to offer up one of his slaves to play The Cuckold.

After we caught up a bit, Master Tom said, “I’ve got a problem. I really need to ask a huge favor. I’m shooting a bi movie, and my guy can’t get his dick hard. I’m gonna have to jump in to the scene. Can you shoot it for me?”

“What’s the name of the movie?” I asked. I asked cause I knew it would crack me up.

“Before You Fuck My Wife You Have To Fuck Me.”

I cracked up. “How much of a jam are you in? Cause I don’t shoot for anyone.”

“Dude, I know, but if I don’t get this in the can, I’ve got all sorts of problems.”

Then I asked the question that would make my decision: “Who’s the girl?”

Master Tom said The Magic Words: “Jessi Stone.”

“Jessi Stone?” I asked.

“Jessi Stone,” he said.

“Jessi Stone?” I asked again.

“Jessi Stone,” he said again.

I had to say it one more time: “Jessi Stone!”

“Dude, are you a retard?”

Jessi Stone. Jessi Stone. Jessi Stone!

I hauled ass to Master Tom’s. I knew what I was getting myself into, too…I was gonna shoot a dude banging another dude. This really doesn’t bother me. And no…No Way Am I Gay. I’m just desensitized to sex. Which doesn’t mean I don’t love sex — cause I do. It doesn’t mean I can’t get off — cause I do.

It does mean I’m way more twisted than I was before I got into this gig. For example, I’ll enjoy a nice golden shower from time to time. It’s OK if a girl sticks a finger up my butt, too. I kinda like that, actually.

No Way Am I Gay.

When I walked in to Master Tom’s, there was Jessi — wrapped in a fluffy white Terri-cloth robe and looking as sweet as the last time I shot her, which was for The Dick I gave her a big hug and said something stupid like, “let’s go to Vegas and get married!”

Master Tom works a boom mic, but other than that everything else is pretty much the same as my set up. I don’t even know what I’m bringing this up, other than I don’t like to shoot with other peoples’ equipment, and I had to wear these silly headphones, and there’s a lot of times I want to beef up my blogs and give them a bit of substance, so I’ll just ramble on about something that doesn’t mean much at all. I’m sure you’ve done that sort of thing, too; for example, in your English class you probably wrote a bunch of shit that didn’t really mean a whole lot of anything just to make sure you hit whatever page limit your teacher assigned.

Which is another way of saying the world is filled with 5 page essays that really should have been 3 page essays.

Jessi liked watching two men fuck and suck. I liked Jessi watching the men have sex. She liked it so much there were times I tried to get her attention without interrupting the scene by waving in the air in order to get her do to something — like spreading her hubby’s ass wide while Master Tom banged him — but Jessi was way too focused on the Man Sex to notice me doing anything at all.

There were two great parts to the scene: first, when Master Tom rolled his condom off after fucking the dude, he tossed it on the floor…but, in an afterthought, he picked it up and popped it into the dude’s mouth and told him to chew it like it was his favorite bubble gum.

I shall steal that line next time I shoot Cuckold Sessions.

And for the pop shot, Jessi strapped on a big dildo and made her hubby ride it like a bitch…while Master Tom jerked all over his face. Master Tom blew a big load, too, and Jessi looked up at Jizz-Faced Hubby and said, “welcome to my world!”

What could I possibly do after such a performance but ask Jessi to an LA Kings game?

She accepted.

I was excited.

Two days later she was at my studio shooting for the world famous Manojob. Before the shoot I asked her if she brought something warm to wear, cause it’s cold cold cold at hockey games.

“Oh…um, I don’t think I can go. I’m going to a haunted house tonight with Vanessa Naughty and I don’t want to stand her up!”

I wanted to say something like, “wait a sec! I asked you out first!” — but I knew that would get me nowhere…besides, I think it’s time I stopped asking teenage girls out on dates.

Or, as Adrianna Nicole once told me, time to start dating age-appropriately.

I would, too…it’s just that anyone my age isn’t too much fun anymore.

Including me.

12 thoughts on “Jessi Stone’s Big Fat Dick.”

  1. Dude Billy, when are you gonna get this girl for Blacks on Blondes? A scene with her and Wesley Pipes would be the highest rated scene in the history of the site. Guaranteed!

  2. These Cuckold and guy on guy deals… I see a whole world light up on these girls faces. And it increases exponentially with the rate of humiliation! Sometimes it looks as if these girls aren’t getting that much direction either? Are porn whores getting out of hand with this? Do you have any more behind scenes stuff on these porn whores turned dominatrixes?

  3. Lame she bailed on you at the last minute, but you at least halfway suspected that might happen right? I mean, I’m sure working girls are cool as hell, however from what I understand they’re even more flakey than civilian chicks.

    Sidenote: Billy, you have my respect – I’m not sure I could ever become desensitized to watching two guys going at it w/o feeling just a little queasy (no way am I gay lol).

  4. Please, I beg you!
    Jessi Stone in BOB with Wesley Pipes and Byron Long and other blacks! Jessi x 5 Black guys.
    And more importantly … please Billy

  5. Earlier this month Jessi Stone was on Dr. Phil, crying because she was in porn and no one would want to marry a porn whore.

  6. I would love to marry her, seriously!..
    By the way Billy, why all these times all your shot in dirty filthy restroom, bring back champagne room ‘coz I love to see girls in lingerie stripping before sucking & fucking anonymous cocks..
    Still, you covered it with all the hot chicks!

  7. Hey ME — I don’t reply to comments much, but I gotta tell you, you’re so fucking far off base it’s sick. Not one person talks anyone into doing porn at this level. These girls have sought out agents, sought out work, and been informed 100% of what they’re about to do. It’s poor saps like you who perpetuate what I’ll call the “Linda Lovelace Myth”.

  8. me….these whores are not talked into anything, they are nigger loving tramps who will do anything for money and fame. some women simply need a good dose of sharia law. and no, i’m not a muslim, but when it comes to whores like jessi stone, maybe a racial honor killing is justified?

  9. [name deleted] is a nasty white whore who. Goes were ever a free hand out is grow up mooch what u get out this no money cuz its gone nuttin but a loose pussy an a pimpel but lmao

  10. BILLY!! i love you! i miss you and THANK YOU to all of my fans you guys are awesomeeee! and the haters…i just want to say…THANK YOU AS WELL without you…my name wouldnt go anywhere 😉 keep talkng…youre STILL making me famous xoxxo -Jessi Stone

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