Today’s Guest Blogger — The Minion: Using Racially Offensive Jokes to Remind Us All About Jesus.

The Minion Free Porn Movies
From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

Today Stunt Cock bring his girlfriend to set. She’s not in the business. The Stunt Cock eats his girlfriend’s pussy before he shoots his scene with The Porn Princess I book. Then, Stunt Cock and Porn Princess shoot the scene, and as I’m rolling tape I hear some moaning over my shoulder. I turn around to see Girlfriend playing with her pussy…and cumming. And as she winds down with her orgasm, The Minion just happens to walk by set (he was editing today) and plops down next to her.

The Minion blurts, “Billy! Blog pic! Take this picture and I’ll write a guest blog for you!!”

And so it came to be.

A 3rd grade teacher addresses her class,” Okay children, I’m going to point to some of you and I want you to tell me what your daddy does for a living, spell it out, and tell me what he’d be doing if he was here.”

She points to Billy. Billy says, “My daddy’s a fireman. F-I-R-E-M-A-N. If he was here he’d be fighting fires!”

The teacher then points to Kathy. Kathy says,”My daddy’s a policeman. P-O-L-I-C-E-M-A-N. If he was here right now he’d be fighting crime.”

“Good job!” exclaims the teacher. She then points to Rodney, the black student. Rodney says,”My daddy’s an engineer. E-N-No, um E-R, no damn!”

The teacher says, “Rodney, we’ll come back to you for that one.”

She then points out to Johnny, the Italian kid. Johnny says,”My daddy’s a bookie. B-O-O-K-I-E and if he was here he’d give you 20 to 1 odds that the nigger can’t spell Engineer:

Why did I, the Minion start things off with a joke? Well, times suck balls bigger than the ones at Notice the plug there. Rewind 2 years ago to 2007. Billy and I were tearing it up shooting 3-4 scenes a day! The average day looked like this:

9 am: Show up at the studio

9-10am: Get paperwork ready and set up lights for the first scene.

11am-7pm: Rock out some quality porn while trying to keep a level head..

Those days are gone since assholes have decided that tube sites are ok.. Some jerks out there have taken intellectual property and posted it online for FREE! So instead of eating at Sizzler every day I’m now gracing El Pollo Loco on Burbank and Whitsett with my sheer mass. I now understand the whole Metallica ordeal from 10 years ago since I (at times) shoot for manojob and the dicksuckers as well as edit for them (full time).

So the next time you’re thinking of watching porn for free please remember the morbidly obese editor sweating over his keyboard. All this is happening while watching the clock to make sure he doesn’t miss Shakey all-you-can-eat buffet that runs daily from 11am-2pm.

Seriously, only cocksuckers go to tube sites so don’t be one.

Remember, Jesus is watching.

7 thoughts on “Today’s Guest Blogger — The Minion: Using Racially Offensive Jokes to Remind Us All About Jesus.”

  1. So does this mean the Minion is back again? Was I right all along in what I’ve been saying?

  2. Get over yrself.when cinema porn was replaced by tapes .the directors went haywire and those that resisted lost a lot of money.i d suggest u start yo own tubesite.zing

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