It Was Love From The Moment She Tasted His Brown Eye

Taryn Thomas

Things have been slow in Porn Valley, cause, well…it’s the slow time of the year. For models, anyway. So when Taryn Thomas called me up for work, I wasn’t all that surprised. From time to time we keep in touch: we’re both from the same place, and we’ve known each other for years, and we know a lot of the same people, so every few months one of us will ring the other up just to say hi – or whatever.

Anyway, Taryn called for some work, and of course I’ll find work for her, cause she’s Taryn Thomas, and she kicks a whole lotta ass, and I did: we started with a Taryn Thomas hand job, then went on to a scene I’m not really going to talk about now cause the time isn’t right (new site, new fetish…and too new to show you anything, anyway) and we finished our work day with Taryn eating some ass.

I might as well talk about J. Sinn, too.

He had been living in the green room of our studio for a while, cause he was in between places, or maybe looking for a place to crash cause he was running low on funds – I really don’t have any idea, cause I don’t ask him those sorts of questions; however, I will ask him questions about his sister, Bella Donna, or about how his work is going at Shane’s World, or about Mormonism, cause he’s a Jack Mormon, and there’s nothing more I love to do more than bag on Joey Smith and Brigham Young and those lovable kooks who call themselves The Latter Day Saints.

J.’s been asking for work, too, and I’ve been giving it to him – mostly as male talent for Eat Some Ass. He loves to get his butt munched, and I can’t say the same thing for most of the Porno Dudes in Porno Land. I think it’s mainly cause there’s something covertly gay about a guy getting in, say, doggy position, and letting a chick lick his brown eye. Maybe it has to do with it being a submissive thing. I dunno. But booking a scene for Eat Some Ass isn’t as easy as booking a scene for Spunkmouth, or JOMG, or anything else I book.

But J. Sinn takes the work, so I give it to him. Taryn licked his butt, and all went well, and it was a good scene…but something more came of it. Cause lately, J. Sinn hasn’t been living in the green room at my studio anymore. That’s because a special sort of connection happened that day Taryn cleaned J. Sinn’s dumper with her tounge…something special indeed. Perhaps it’s that intimate feeling two people share when one of them is licking the other’s tooshy. Anyway, J. Sinn is gone, and word has it Taryn Thomas’s apartment smells the same way our green room did after J. Sinn would finish drinking one of his hi-fiber protein shakes.

I think I’ll leave it at that. I never intended for my blog to be a place for gossip, or to spread rumors, or news, or anything else for that matter.

In fact, lately I have no idea what my intentions are with this blog.

Taryn Thomas

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