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Super Minion

The Priest writes:

Hoya, Billy.

Always enjoy your posts. Was wondering about chicks getting preggers in porno land? There must be a tacit understanding that pretty much no one wants kids, and that things are/will be taken care of. I can’t imagine that a porno chick would want to have a child that may have been the result of getting it on with an angry pack of 5-10 negroes. So do the dudes have their shit crimped/cut/soldered, or do the chicks have standing accounts at planned parenthood?

Dear Priest:

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t know any of these dudes who are crimped or cut or soldered – and no, most of the girls I’ve had the pleasure to work with are not protected.

Condoms? Surely you jest.

And The Pill? Well, there’s a huge problem with The Pill. lt makes girls gain weight, and that’s no good; in fact, it’s horrible. I mean really…are you kidding me? GAIN WEIGHT?! Things like the Green House Effect and $4 a gallon gas prices and cancer and Somalia and Hezbollah and Angry Jews aren’t as bad as weight gain to these girls.

Some of them have the ring-thing in their pussies, and a very few get the shot – but not many, cause the shot makes them gain weight. Which means most of these sillies are walking on set with no protection at all…even when they’re working with all those angry negroes.

Which is ok, right? Cause let’s face it – the load ends up on their face nine times out of ten. And who in the world wants to risk gaining weight in this day and age!?

Guess what, Priest? There’s also no weight gain from day-after pills and abortions.

Which brings up another thing I totally spaced on: popping The Pill on a daily basis requires just that – doing something on a daily basis. Which, for a lot of porno girls, is a very difficult thing to do. It requires commitment and memory. Stability. That sort of thing. Traits which aren’t very common amongst them.

So there you have it.

On a completely unrelated note, take a look at Jayma Reed. No, she has nothing to do with unprotected sex, or anything related to your e-mail (or my reply) whatsoever. Honest. I just wanna say – isn’t she fuckin’ smokin’ hot!? Imagine this, too – she has a brain! And can hold conversation!

Interesting conversation.

I also like having a picture on my blog – usually one that somehow ties in to what I’m writing about, and while I could illustrate today’s blog with almost every girl I’ve ever shot – including one that’s even 8 months along right now – somehow, it wouldn’t be a very nice thing to do.

Instead, Jayma Reed. Cause you probably know right now I’m very fond of her.

Ah, Jayma Reed!

Oh! Jayma Reed.

Your pal – Billy

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