Marilyn Manson and Stoya.

Marilyn Manson and Stoya
Unrequited love is great fodder for artists. Don’t believe me? Just read the lyrics to probably 90% of any song written, then read a whole bunch of poetry, and then think about yourself: when’s the last time you got kinda creative?

Probably around the time your last chick dumped you.

One of the best celebrity sightings I ever saw was Marilyn Manson leaving the Hollywood Arc Light theater arm in arm with Evan Rachel Wood. But wait…I’m kinda fibbing. I caught a glimpse of this; Adrianna Nicole was the one who really caught the full sighting and then pointed it out to me.

I just read Marilyn’s completed his record, and he’s calling it The High End of Low, and it’s all about his messy break-up with Miss Wood. In addition, Ms. Manson is sportin’ 158 fresh, self-inflicted cuts, one for every unanswered call he placed to the actress during their break-up.

He cuts to let the pain out…kinda like half the girls in porn.

But maybe not. He confirmed the story and followed up with, “But they weren’t the type of wounds I’ve imposed on myself in the past, because, well, a razor blade is a very fine instrument, and it makes very small, precise cuts,” he says. “But I really don’t think that was bad. It was me making a point at the time, reminding myself of the stupidity of waiting on someone, a reminder that I’d made a mistake. So I’m glad that I did it, and I learned from the experience.”

Uh huh.

And now guess what?

He’s dating one of the Highest Porno Princesses today — Stoya — and he’s gone as far as to call Sotya his “salvation”.

Note to Ms. Manson’s man-servant: make sure the bathroom is razor free and clear the cutlery out the kitchen.


6 thoughts on “Marilyn Manson and Stoya.”

  1. I can’t stand Stoya. She’s easily one of the most overrated porn stars working today.

  2. I figured Stoya wouldhave better taste. Ohwell, Mansons music isnt to bad. Then again, guess Stoya is going for the “badgirl” image?

  3. that guy is a fucking joke, like eon mckai, artsy wanna bee fartsy fags. like seriously, he was dating evan, and she’s half her age. he was cutting himself over a child compared to him? that’s sad. he’s no different then the pervy old men in porn… and stoya is such a ditz. no surprise there. alternative-porn? GTFO

  4. Stoya the best porn star today,that is all to say. MM is a little fish. the photo above is not Stoya, the bad girl is just an image I have met her.

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