Happy Birthday ISP

Happy Borthday ISP

I Shoot Porn is 6 years old today!

So how ’bout you put that in your bong and smoke it, Hippy.

Here’s my very first post ever, the one I did 6 years ago today.

I’ve revisited this particular entry and updated it once, and, I think, as long as my blog is a viable thing (I know, I know…how viable can a porn blog really be?) I’ll revisit this entry every year and update it.

And what’s different now, as opposed to last year? Not a whole lot, I guess. My work load is way lighter, which gives me time to do other things, which is an optimist’s way of saying business is slow. Oh, and YouTube suspended my account again — for a “Imitations by Ashli Orion”. Her video was totally censored to remove any naughty bits, but YT doesn’t care about that. They won’t tell me what part, exactly, made them pull it. So I’m going over to Vimeo soon.

And the cake? What’s up with that?!

Well, I wanted to find an appropriate picture for ISP’s first birthday party, and I did a Google image search, and look what I found!

A Gene Simmons cake!

The only thing better?

I dunno…an Iggy Pop cake, when he was a Stooge? A Lou Reed cake, when he dyed his hair blonde? Maybe a VU cake, when Lou’s hair was jet black and they all wore really cool sunglasses.

But this is none of the above; it’s Sean The Porn’s birthday cake.

Sean The Porn.

I have no idea who Sean The Porn is, or what he does, but there’s his birthday cake.

And now it’s ISP’s, too.

So sing for this blog damn it: Sing it loud, and sing it proud!

ISP is 6! Time for kindergarten! Which, if you haven’t already noticed, is about the level of intelligence you’ll find around here.

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday ISP”

  1. Maintaining the hippie vibe. . . “Totally Bitchin’ Birthday Man!”

    BTW, I hate it when guys can’t even properly frame their subject matter. At least he didn’t use a flash and blow out Gene’s face.

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