Super fun e-Mails: The Green Dragon.

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Alex writes:

hey billy, i just thought of the funiest virus ever! heres my genious idea

image a cmputer virus would hide on everyone computer and it would update all you facebooks, myspace, twitters and so on status messages. only it would not write how you are or what you are doing, it would write the title off the porn movie you have watched last!!

what do you think of that billy?

btw i made green dragon and am really baked

Hey Alex —

I like your idea very much…but I think it would be tough to write a virus that knows what porno is in your DVD player or what dirty site you last visited or what image is burned into your brain from the last time you jerked off.

How about this: jerk off to the beautiful Miss Tara Lynn Foxx blowing a XXXL-sized ween. She was one of the latest of might fine dick suckers that have graced my BJ site. Here’s some free Tara Lynn Foxx blowjob movies.

Oh, and while I’m at it, here’s Tara Lynn Foxx’s Twitter page. Why not follow her? She loves to let her fans know what she’s doing. I know this cause the other day she came over to my house for a Popsicle, and while she down on her knees enjoying it, she told me all about how much she loves her “Tweeps” — whatever the fuck that means.

Oh, my digressions! Back to your “genious idea”: I would probably like your idea much better if we would have shared some of that Green Dragon.

And I’ll admit I had no idea what Green Dragon was until I looked it up in Wikipedia. Funny thing is, I just left Prague, and they had Cannabis Vodka all over the place. I didn’t partake in that, but I did buy some Cannabis Iced Tea. It was tangy! It was even more of a hoot to watch my mom try a little. My dad refused the drink until I quadruple-dared him…and he only took a swig after Mom downed 1/2 the bottle.

Oh, my European adventures!

Your pal — Billy

PS: Who the fuck designed the toilets in Austria? I mean really…have you ever taken a dump here? There’s this weird shelf where the water is supposed to be, and your turd just kinda lays there until you flush, and then it’s sucked down into this smaller bowl of water just below the shelf…so flushing is akin to blending up a chocolate protein drink. Do I need to tell you how well this facilitates the poopy smell?

I swear it all has to do with the German’s obsession with poop. How else do you explain away their porn?

One thought on “Super fun e-Mails: The Green Dragon.”

  1. Well, just to give you some insight on those toilets, we over here in Germany have two types of toilets, I’ll try to translate: Deep Flushing (Tiefspüler) & Shallow Flushing (Flachspüler)… the idea behind this “shelf” is that your poop doesn’t hit the water like a bomb, splashing the water (and maybe some of your dump) right back up on your ass, which is really disgusting in my oppinion. So, you sure get a second look at the dump you just dropped, but you don’t have to look while you flush. Oh, and one more thing that might seem stupid to the most Americans… our toilet paper is made of several layors of paper and ment to be folded till its thick enough for your taste not sort of crumpled to a ball of paper like the most of it over in the US of A…

    Oh, and weird sickos exist in all countrys, and you shouldn’t reduce german porn to those Scheiße-vids. ^^ (You would have a lot less of Anette in your life…)

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