Super Fun e-Mails: Last Will and Testaments.

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Zombie4Brittney writes:

A wealthy Manojob member recently passed away. Needless to say, we were surprised when his attorney contacted us with the news that many of our starlets lad been included in his last will and testament.

To Angelina Stoli: a 1978 El Camino low rider. Bright orange. With those spinny-wheel-things too.

To Amy Starz: a paper hat and plastic gloves for her job at the Safeway deli.

To Kylee Lovit: the vice -presidency of her local school committee.

To Sofia Sandobar: black hair and a green card.

To Kelly Wells: a shrink.

To Riley Shy: a guest spot on the new “90210” series.

To Bree Olsen: an autographed 8×10 of Ginger Lynn.

To Cherry Poppins: chocolate Slimfast.

To Barbie Cummings: a black baby.

To Adrianna Nicole: spackle and a wire brush.

To Kinzy Jo: a father.

To Satine Phoenix: smaller eyes. Those things FREAK me out!

To Veronica Jett: a sandwich.

To Gia Paloma: a lawyer.

To Audry Elson: a forehead that you CAN’T land airplanes on.

To Bree Barrett: anything she wants.

To Michelle Sweet: a clean urine sample.

To Veronique Vega: an armored car, for all the money she will make.

To Marissa Mendoza: a bus ticket. Anywhere else.

To India Summer: a motorcycle gang.

To Roxy DeVille: actual talent.

To Gianna: back surgery.

To Jessica Valentino: cucumber slices for her eyelids.

To Jenny Hendrix: voice lessons and a smidgen of shame.

To Dylan Ryder: diamonds. Lots and lots of diamonds!

To Scarlett Pain: ammunition.
Hello Zombie4Brittney!

Um…OK. I like that. Did I mention it’s now way easier to leave comments on ISP? Really, it is…and I can’t wait to read some of the ones this e-mail elicits. Cause really, good comments makes a good blog, right? And this one needs all the help it can get.

Thank you sir.

Your pal — Billy

8 thoughts on “Super Fun e-Mails: Last Will and Testaments.”

  1. Where do I even start with a comment on that post? Whomever that wealthy ManoJob member was he sure was paying attention to what these girls need. I couldn’t have come up with anything more spot on. “Veronica Jett: a sandwich” ROFLMAO! Classic…just classic!

  2. The only one I’d comment on is Cherry: she needs not slimfast. I do think Gianna will need back surgery though

  3. Hey Billy,
    Thanks for changing the comments now I can post without having to #@$ register.

    When I kick the bucket I am going to leave you something special.

    In a good way

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Some of these are harsh. The Kinzy one isn’t cool at all man. I’d be lucky to get with any one of these broads! I’m with Mike, Cherry doesn’t need slimfast. Nice, nice tits and that red hair. And Audry Elson is hot and kind of exotic looking. So is Veronica. I will agree with the comment on Jenny Hendrix’s voice. Nails on a chalkboard. Just turn down the volume while you’re jerking and she’s just fine with me.

  5. To Lindsay Kay, Kaiya Lynn, Mckenzie Miles, Lexi Belle, Emy Reyes, Mindy Lynn, Faye Reagan, Tanner Mayes, Jessi Alba: my cum in yr mouth.

    To Jaclyn Case, Ashlynn Brooke: my cum in yr pussy.

  6. BTW: what am I missing with Amy Starz? She is smoking hot. Why would she have to work at a deli?

    And whatever Jenny Hendrix recently did to her body was just wrong. Her body was perfect before. I don’t understand why these girls do that. Same with Savannah Stern. And Aubrey Adams. They were PERFECT.

    I always turn the sound down while I’m watching porn. I listen to music instead. Except when I am watching the late Haley Paige. She had a great voice and talked dirty better than anyone else.

    To Patricia Petite: a cochlear ear implant and the ghost of Jon Dough forver whispering in your ear, “Oh my God, I just exploded.”

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