Lisa Marie and STD’s.

Lisa Marie

When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

This blog’s original air date: September 27, 2005…so I don’t know if her e-mail is still any good. I don’t even think she’s in the biz anymore. I suppose you could try the e-mail if you’re a fan. But don’t e-mail her just to shit talk, ok? By the way, I still like this entry enough to run it again whilst on the road to the Czech Republic.

By the way, anyone know what the girls are like there?

Oh…and Lisa Marie did come back, more than once…so how about I toss some free movies your way?

Here’s a Lisa Marie and Ruth Blackwell interracial movie for ya.

Here’s Lisa Marie in the glory hole. I remember very cleary she pulled a pen from her purse and scribbled “Skeezah Skeezah The Dick Pleezah” on the bathroom wall. I don’t remember if she told me her high school nickname was “Skeezah” but I think she did.

Yesterday Lisa Marie showed up for her shoot – early – and realizes, while she’s shooting pool in my green room, that her HIV test just expired 24 hours ago.

It’s a long story, but last month she tested positive for gonorrhea…and her retest was delayed…and the next thing you know she’s forgetting the original date of her HIV test…see, I told you it’s a long story.

And now you’re thinking one of two things – you’re either grossed out that she’s got a STD, or you’re thinking she “deserves” it, or she “got what was coming to her”.

Or, you can’t believe I just posted it here — on my blog — for all to read.

Well, I asked Lisa if I could write about it, cause this is a porn blog, and it’s about the sex business, and these sorts of things happen all the time in Porno Land. And I want people that don’t live and work in Porno Land to know a little about what it’s like to do so. And she OK’d it.

Sure, porn stars are tested every 30 days for HIV, gonorrhea, and chlamydia. But in a world where friends and strangers fuck for a living, STD’s are commonplace. And it’s also commonplace on every college campus in the nation, but that’s a different story. Or is it? I mean I got chlamydia when I was in school, and almost all my pals came down with drippy dick once or twice.

So don’t blame porn, brother.

I could ramble on about Herpes and Staph — both which aren’t part of the Porno STD test — but then I’m afraid I might ruin porn for ya.

Anyway, I was bummed, cause Lisa Marie is a heet, and she’s nice, and she loves to fuck on camera, and I know I’m gonna miss a great scene. I tell her this. And she comes back with a date next month to reschedule, and an unpublished pic for my blog. How fucking cool is that? The pic was shot by Floyd Hardwick; it’s one of his test shots, and it’s gonna end up somewhere on a Jim Lane product…don’t know which one, yet.

Then she gave me her e-mail to post here, so more of her fans can write! She loves getting e-mails as much as I dig reading your comments on this, so here ya go: LM4202004 at Yahoo (dot) com. So write and tell her how much you love her.

I know I do.

6 thoughts on “Lisa Marie and STD’s.”

  1. I remember for about a year and a half I would’ve given anything to get with Lisa Marie. Back then, I had a small collection of favorites: Lisa and Cherry, Hailey Paige, Kayla Marie, Spring Thomas and Kitty. Now, the favorites list is massive

  2. Billy,

    Please do ramble on about Herpes and Staph, this sounds interesting. I’m betting that just about everybody in the talent end of the business has TheHerp…

    BTW, that Lisa Marie pic is awesome.


  3. The Czech Republic can be a lot of fun and the women can be very beautiful. It can also be like a former Soviet Block nation that also has become one of Europe’s new sex capitals. I had a lot of fun while I was there and many of the women I met spoke English well and were fun to hang out with. Be prepared to spend some money on drinks and food, and remember the Dollar isn’t nearly what the Euro or Pound are as status symbols. Being American will create an interest to certain kinds of women there but don’t get overly confident. Saying that the majority of the single women I met were gorgeous and worth the effort. I know many guys go there for bachelor parties and to partake in the oldest profession but that particular scene I know nothing about.

  4. Hey Billy,

    Great pic of Lisa Marie!! Do write about your travels. It’s always nice to read well written blogs or as they say “good english.”

    Also thanks for turning on the comments section. It is much easier to leave comments.

    Just out of curiosity are Americans more popular now that Bush is gone?

  5. DO go on about the herps and staph! Frankly I don’t believe you that those are not screened for, not in a million years. How could herpes not be? It’s so common and awful! What does “new” talent think about that?

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