Super fun e-Mails: Porn’s Monosyllabic Glory.

Mia Lina

Lil’ Miss Molly writes:

If you knew how many times I have tried to comment on your blog you’d laugh (created WordPress account, etc)… but this time it warranted an email. I just wanted to let you know that I am glad to see the term ‘porn whore’ put to bed (no pun intended). It really bugged the crap out of me, not sure why. Also I prefer porn to porno. ‘Porno’ sounds antiquated. ‘Porn’ is more edgy, younger, fresher. ‘Porn’ in all its monosyllabic glory conveys brevity with a hint of elegance. ‘Porno’ feels like shag carpeting and Studio54. Ok, done with rant.


Lil’ Miss Molly — Every day I wake up to check comments on my blog, and no one ever does. This makes me feel like a failed blogger.

It makes me feel inadequate.



So now I guess I can laugh at myself for not having fixed whatever it is that’s broken and kept your comments from all to read — and making my day.

Porn Priestess.

Porno Priestess.

Porn Priestess — brevity, with a hint of elegance?

Porno Priestess — antiquated?

Porn Priestess.

Porno Priestess.

Porn Priestess: edgy, younger, fresher.

Porno Priestess: shag carpeting and Studio54?

Hmmm…gimme a few blogs using both to make a final decision.

In the meantime, take a look at super cute, super fresh Porn Priestess Mia Lina as she jerks a dick. Mia is Latina! She’s also edgy, younger, and fresher…certainly more so than Porno Priestess Mia Lina?

One thought on “Super fun e-Mails: Porn’s Monosyllabic Glory.”

  1. I just saw the piece about no comments, you feeling like a failed blogger. I’ve never been much to comment on things, even on the forums I frequent I only comment from time to time. I like to lurk and read.

    Your blog is great, I try to use the best punctuation and spelling as I can when I write anything. I really get annoyed when people cannot spell the simplest of things. I am really enjoying your blog, and although I came across it by the research I am doing, I really truly enjoy it. I’ve been researching for the past year. More so the past four months as I’ve been home with a shattered leg. About starting up an internet porn venture (gasp!) not anywhere near LA. Although a goal would be to move it out there and TRY get the same things done you do. I’m looking at starting a site with the only thing we have in Maryland, “fresh talent”. I think I can do something with girls people have never seen before. Interview them to see which one will work, stick some on to my Casting Couch site. Take girls from there that work well and shoot them in a different setting for another site. Have yet another site for something a little bogus, and finally I have came to the conclusion that even though like you No Way Am I Gay. I’m going to have to shoot some sort of gay male site. The more money from all of them, the more successful the whole venture is, right?

    I’m not going to have an insane, huge budget. But I do have enough funds for all the stuff that I will need. Most of my worries are coming from the sole fact that I’ve NEVER been on a porn set or done anything besides watch and research it. Lets face it, experience is king in any business.

    But I’m done boring you with my venture. What I came to tell you is you have a KICKASS blog! Since the day I came across it (two days ago) I haven’t stopped reading it sense. I have made it almost all the way down the categories list to this Post in Super Fun E-mails. I’m kindof disapointed I’m almost done, kinda releived as well. But I plan to check back in.

    I’m really not a creep, I’m a normal guy besides the fact I would like to break into the porn biz. I shattered my leg a few months back in a car wreck and am still a few weeks away from being able to walk. So why not do research into what I really want to try and do?

    Enjoy the extra long comment!


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